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Driving the future of digital automotive displays

Effectively manage light for improved energy efficiency and safety

  • As technological advances increase the demand for connected mobility and regulations to improve safety on the roads, digital displays are becoming more central to the automotive interior design. Display screens are bigger and brighter – meaning there is more light to manage and reflections to mitigate. Harnessing and manipulating light has been a core competency of 3M for decades. Our solutions can help improve brightness and contrast without increasing energy consumption, making automotive displays more energy efficient. At the same time, our solutions can help control light reflections to reduce driver distraction. We are here to deliver leading technologies created to help bring together the best in automotive display design, performance and safety.

  • 3M Senior Research Scientist John VanDerlofske on light control
    John Van Derlofske, 3M Company, “Driving Toward Performance Standards in Light Control for Automotive Displays” SID Vehicle Display Symposium 2019

    Watch as we discuss automotive display trends and light reflection challenges with automotive displays. This presentation proposes solutions to addressing display light output to ensure safety and a comfortable driver/passenger experience.

  • light management display in a vehicle with a PDF logo
    Light Control Specifications for Automotive Displays

    In this whitepaper, we make the case for standardized light control specifications for automotive displays. Learn how industry specifications for brightness and reflectivity could ensure a safety focus, minimize late design-cycle changes and control costs.


  • 3M Light management

    Design. Performance. Safety.

    Design. Performance. Safety.

    Technology that can help increase brightness, clarity and visibility in your automotive display to deliver your most visionary designs.

    Technology that can help increase brightness, clarity and visibility in your automotive display to deliver your most visionary designs.

3M™ Optically Clear Adhesive (OCA)

Enhances display contrast and mechanical robustness while optically clear bonding to glass.

3M™ Enhanced Specular Reflector (ESR)

High performance, non-metallic, color neutral mirror to reflect back greater than 98% of light.

3M™ Brightness Enhancing Films (AEF / BEF / DBEF)

Uses prismatic structures to stear wide-angle light toward the viewer increasing brightness and efficiency.

3M™ Advanced Light Control Film

Manage distracting reflections.

  • Maximize brightness and efficiency for maximum readability.

    We’re entering a new era of human machine interface (HMI). On-axial luminance, readability and efficiency in automotive displays are all increasingly important for safe, differentiated customer experiences. 3M advanced films for brightness enhancement and reflective polarizing can help you achieve demanding display requirements: increase backlight efficiency, transmit more light, and avoid moiré effects. Specifically with electronic mirror (eMirror) displays, get clear, undistorted views in passive reflective and electrified backlit states, and switch seamlessly from mirror to display. These are just a few of the ways 3M can help. Explore now.

    Featured Technologies:

    3M™ DBEF

    3M™ BEF

    3M™ RPM

  • Decrease reflections – and distractions.

    As information displays increase in size and move higher on the dashboard bringing information closer to the driver for increased safety, managing reflections becomes critical. 3M™ Advanced Light Control Film (ALCF) helps enable cockpit designs to meet increasing demands of modern digital displays by controlling and directing light to exactly where it is needed – and reducing light from where it can become a distraction. ALCF is a louver film that controls the distribution of light perpendicular to the louver structure (viewing angle) to help create privacy, control ambient reflections and improve display contrast.

    Featured Technology:

    3M™ ALCF

  • Enhance contrast and durability with optical bonding

    Designers can create solid yet sleek designs with 3M™ Optically Clear Adhesives (OCAs). These adhesives reduce ambient reflections by filling in the air gap between the cover lens and the LCD. The result is much better contrast and readability for automotive displays. OCAs also help increase structural stiffness, providing greater reliability and durability. 3M Optically Clear Adhesives are available in roll good form (the ARO series) or converted (ACO). The ACO series is an easy to handle die-cut optically clear adhesive that conforms to the freeform shape and curvature of lenses and other components while maintaining bond strength.

    Featured Technology:

    3M™ OCA ACO Series

    3M™ OCA ARO Series

Light management Technical Data Sheets

View the most frequently requested Light management Technical Data Sheets (TDS) at the link below.

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