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5 Products

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3M™ Glass Bubbles iM16K 3M™ Glass Bubble S32HS 3M™ Glass Bubbles S28HS 3M™ Glass Bubbles S38HS 3M™ Glass Bubbles K20HS
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Curious about how 3M™ Glass Bubbles can make a difference in your Automotive applications?

Suggested 3M™ Glass Bubbles for your Automotive applications

Find the right balance for your application

We offer an extensive range of high-performance 3M™ Glass Bubbles in varying densities, compressive strengths and particle sizes. The type of bubble you choose will depend on the requirements of your application. In addition to SMCs/BMCs, thermoplastics, sealants and structural foams, 3M™ Glass bubbles can also be used in LFT, RIM, RRIM, and lightweight body fillers. Use the chart below to help determine which grade is best for your application or Contact a 3M Expert to help you.

Recommened 3M™ Glass Bubbles