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At 3M, our 93,000 employees do work that matters, applying our science in ways that make a positive impact on people’s lives around the globe. And that work is accomplished through close collaboration with smart, curious and motivated 3Mers in 87 countries, all rallying behind 3M’s vision:

  • 3M technology advancing every company.
  • 3M products enhancing every home.
  • 3M innovation improving every life.

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  • Discover what life with 3M is like for 3Mers at our plants, labs and offices, how our pay and benefits enable 3Mers to live their best life, how 3Mers are making an impact in the world, and why 3Mers are encouraged to always bring their true selves and curiosity to work each day.

  • Learn about how students and entry-level candidates can find their career path at 3M. From internships to supply chain-based and sales programs to a two-year strategy and marketing leadership development program, there’s something for everyone.

  • Check out all the ways you can stay up to date on 3M’s latest career opportunities, become a part of 3M’s talent community, find a recruiting event near you, and get tips on interviewing, applying and starting a career at 3M.

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When you find the company that’s the perfect fit, it’s not just you who feels the positive impact, those around you feel and see it too. Hear what the people outside of 3M, those closest to 3Mers, had to say about the impact of 3M on their loved one’s life.

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