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Light management

Light management product diagram
3M light management

Deliver your most visionary design. 3M technology can help enhance brightness, clarity and visibility in your automotive display.

  • Maximize brightness and efficiency for maximum readability

    We’re entering a new era of human machine interface (HMI). Automotive display designs must support an ever-growing assortment of information and data: audio systems, navigation systems, vehicle cameras and various driver-curated apps, just to name a few. On-axial luminance, readability and efficiency in automotive displays are essential for safe, differentiated customer experiences. 3M provides advanced brightness enhancement and reflective polarizing films to help you achieve demanding display requirements: increase backlight efficiency, transmit more light and prevent moiré effects. Our prismatic, multi-layer optical technologies recycle and direct light where it is most needed.

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  • Decrease reflections – and distractions

    As information displays grow larger and move higher on the dashboard, managing reflections becomes critical. 3M™ Advanced Light Control Film (ALCF) helps enable cockpit designs to meet increasing demands of modern digital displays by controlling and directing light to exactly where it is needed – and reducing light from where it can become a distraction. ALCF is a louver film that controls the distribution of light perpendicular to the louver structure (viewing angle) to help create privacy, minimize ambient reflections and improve display contrast.

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  • Enhance contrast and durability with optical bonding

    Designers can create solid yet sleek designs with 3M™ Optically Clear Adhesives (OCAs). These adhesives reduce ambient reflections by filling in the air gap between the cover lens and the LCD. The result is much better contrast and readability for automotive displays. OCAs also help increase structural stiffness, providing greater reliability and durability. The 3M ACO Series is an easy-to-handle optically clear adhesive that conforms to the freeform shape and curvature of lenses and other components while maintaining bond strength.

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3M display bonding

Apply nearly a century of adhesive expertise and technology to your information display designs. Our foam tapes, structural liquid adhesives and optically clear adhesives can help meet a range of bonding challenges: impact absorption, fatigue resistance, moisture protection, environmental robustness, anti-shatter, light efficiency and transfer and more.

  • 3M™ VHB™ Tapes

    Meet the evolving needs of bigger, thinner, and more curved automotive display designs. Enhance design flexibility by combining the strength and reliability of an acrylic adhesive with the conformability of an acrylic foam core. 3M™ VHB™ Tapes bring a rare balance of performance to automotive display bonding. Energy absorbing, viscoelastic tapes help control shock and vibration to protect sensitive display designs from impact and cyclic fatigue. They provide strong adhesion strength and heat resistance, while their premium sealing with 100% closed-cell construction keeps out contaminants, moisture and chemicals. Tapes are convenient, easy to use and can be die cut into pre-formed shapes.

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  • 3M™ Liquid Adhesives

    Improve stability and resilience with automotive display bonding solutions from 3M, designed to deliver excellent static tensile strength and shear performance with high peel adhesion. With plenty of strength even for bond lines below 0.5 mm wide, our liquid urethane adhesives are excellent for thin device designs and assemblies. These one-part adhesives deliver the reworkability of a PUR – often critical for recovery of valuable displays – but can be laminated as a pressure sensitive adhesive for immediate handling strength.

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  • 3M™ Optically Clear Adhesives (OCA)

    Bring brilliance and performance to automotive displays with optically clear adhesives from 3M. Our ACO Series offers highly specialized, optically clear adhesive films that deliver excellent clarity and adhesion to transparent substrates alongside strong bubble resistance in laminations exposed to high temperature and humidity. ITO compatible and featuring pressure sensitive adhesive, they are designed specifically for applications requiring soft contrast enhancement films for filling thick ink step or lens border frames. Specialized optically clear adhesives are available in die-cut parts.

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    Automotive Display Bonding Thought Leadership
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    Bonding Solutions


Electromagnetic interference product diagram
3M electromagnetic interference

Keep your automotive electronics performing their best. Block and absorb electromagnetic interference with grounding and shielding tapes and EMI absorbers from 3M. Our expertise in adhesives and functional fillers across multiple industries has been instrumental in developing today’s EMI/EMC solutions for automotive display systems.

  • Manage EMI to help optimize connectivity

    Ground and shield your automotive electronics to defend against interference and electrostatic discharge with conductive adhesive transfer tapes and conductive foil and fabric tapes. pressure sensitive adhesives eliminate cure times and the added cleanup associated with liquid adhesives. All our EMI management materials are manufactured for efficient conversion, handling and application and come in a variety of thicknesses and configurations to meet your attenuation requirements. All materials can be easily die cut.


  • 3M™ Electrically Conductive Single-Sided and Double-Sided Tapes

    Get stable conductivity, small grounding areas, high shielding performance, conformability to irregular surfaces, handling, reworkability and more. Electrically conductive tapes from 3M are industry standard and ideal for applications like ITO touch sensors. They feature metal foil or metallized fabric construction and electrically conductive adhesives that direct noise away from critical components to deliver low, stable contact resistance. They maintain consistent performance in tough environments. Our tapes feature conductive acrylic-based pressure sensitive adhesives, and most are halogen-free. Transparent PET liners are available for efficient conversion and processing.

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  • 3M™ EMI Absorbers

    Our EMI absorbers are particularly well-suited for helping prevent EMI from internal sources around digital display devices. Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive is applied to a high magnetic-permeability composite made from polymeric resin and magnetic metal flake filler – ideal for absorbing noise and optimizing SNR around critical components. The material is available in sheet form and can be easily die cut into complex shapes.

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Thermal management

Thermal management product diagram
3M thermal management

Control temperatures under tough conditions by insulating electronics and diverting heat from critical components. Make sure those cool information display systems stay cool.

Cushioning and damping

Cushioning and damping product diagram
3M cushioning and damping

Find thin, lightweight cushioning and damping foams that help protect sensitive equipment from impact and shock.

  • Protect critical information displays and improve system longevity

    As the number – and value – of precision components grows faster than available space, cushioning and damping solutions from 3M will protect your automotive displays over the long term. Our highly damped foams deliver 60–70% impact absorption, dispersing impact energy while reducing point loads that may cause displays to stop working. They help prevent display screens from flexing, distorting and cracking, extending display system longevity. Damped foams from 3M also assist in managing vibrations that cause buzz, squeak and rattle.

    They are available in multiple stiffnesses and thicknesses and can be laminated with adhesives as well as die cut to meet your unique design needs.


  • Cushioning and damping

    Developed for applications including impact protection and reduced buzz, squeak and rattle in automotive display systems, these foams by Aearo Technologies LLC, a 3M company, can be easily compressed up to 95% for shock protection in tight spaces.

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    This series of highly damped thermoplastic molded products is developed specifically to protect electronic and mechanical devices from shock, vibration and noise. Solutions are available as off-the-shelf or custom engineered isolator parts for production efficiency.

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  • Impact and vibration resistance

    Featuring cores designed with 100% closed-cell foam, these viscoelastic tapes deliver excellent impact resistance as well as a permanent seal against water, moisture and other contaminants. Our tapes are engineered to absorb energy through both their adhesives and their foam cores. They have been proven for over 30 years on exterior automotive components as well as architectural panels on building exteriors.

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