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Information Display Solutions

  • Automobile trends continue to advance connected, autonomous, shared and electric vehicles – and automotive displays are central to helping deliver these trends to market. Drivers are demanding in-vehicle displays perform like consumer electronic devices delivering critical information as well as infotainment. The unique operating environment of automotive displays requires technology that helps deliver performance and design flexibility while enhancing the safety of HMI – and that calls for thoughtful innovation.

    3M has a long and storied history brining innovation to the automotive industry. Combining our automotive knowledge with our expertise in consumer electronics has helped us identify issues and provide solutions that help enable designers and engineers deliver an excellent in-cabin experience. See how 3M technology can be applied to help you solve some of your most difficult challenges.

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Display light management

Harnessing and manipulating light not only empowers visionary HMI designs, but can ensure critical information is seen easily and reliably. 3M technology helps enable automotive displays direct and enhance light precisely where needed, while keeping light reflections in check.

  • Info display light management comparison
  • Bring brightness and contrast front and center while minimizing reflections and helping increase efficiency.

    Information communicated to drivers via automotive displays must be visible under many conditions, while helping to keep the driver free of distractions. As larger, curved, floating and browless designs gain traction, the job of making those designs functionally possible is no small job. These display designs must support an ever-increasing amount of information and data – audio systems, navigation systems, vehicle cameras and various driver curated apps depend on the display as the key medium for interaction and communication.

    • Enhance brightness and readability with prismatic and multi-layer optical technologies that recycle and direct light where it is most needed.
    • Minimize reflections and control the distribution of light with louver technology.
    • Help reduce energy consumption while maintaining color performance with 98% efficient reflector films.
    • Increase contrast and durability while reducing ambient reflections with optically clear adhesives.
    • Virtually eliminate the light you don’t need with light blocking and shielding tapes.

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Display bonding

Stretch your capabilities to help meet the needs of evolving interior display designs. As bezels get thinner and displays curve and grow in size, the need for automotive grade tapes and adhesives that can deliver assembly boding solutions for your unique design demands is greater than ever. Adhesives have been a core 3M technology for more than a century, making 3M particularly qualified to deliver solutions to help meet the performance demands and design flexibility needs of evolving Automotive Human Machine Interface systems.
  • Bring efficiency to assembly with automotive display bonding solutions from 3M.

    We deliver solutions in foam tapes, structural liquid adhesives and optically clear adhesives that are designed to solve a broad range of bonding challenges including impact absorption, fatigue resistance, moisture protection, environmental robustness, anti-shatter and light efficiency and transfer.

    • Help improve stability and resilience with adhesives designed to deliver excellent static tensile and shear performance with high peel adhesion.
    • Get adhesive strength in extreme environments with automotive display bonding solutions that maintain static stress resistance.
    • Energy absorbing, viscoelastic 3M™ VHB™ Tapes can help protect sensitive display designs from impact and cyclic fatigue.
    • Deliver visionary designs no matter how thin the bond line or how wide the display with liquid adhesives that help provide immediate strength and reworkability.
    • Mission critical electronics need to be free from moisture and contaminants to perform. Help keep them protected while running at their peak with our line of very high bonding closed cell foam tapes.
    • Bring brilliance and performance to automotive displays with optically clear adhesives that deliver excellent clarity and are easy to convert. Designed for bubble resistance in laminations exposed to high temperature and humidity.
  • Info display bonding solutions

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Display electromagnetic interference

Blocking and absorbing electromagnetic interference (EMI) is critical as vehicles become more and more connected to the world around them and rely on electronic systems for everything from critical information to infotainment. Reduce interference and help protect critical electronics with EMI solutions from 3M. Whether its grounding, shielding or absorbing interference, we have a full range of EMI tapes and absorbers to help enable clear and consistent electronic signals.
  • EMI solution diagram - interior of vehicle display
  • EMI solutions from 3M help manage interference by providing low and stable contact resistance and helping improve signal to noise ratio. In addition, our solutions provide reliable adhesion which enhances consistent electric and magnetic performance in rugged environmental conditions.

    • Ground and shield your automotive electronics to help defend them against interference and electrostatic discharge with conductive adhesive transfer tapes and conductive foil and fabric tape solutions.
    • Dissipate and absorb unwanted high or low frequencies with EMI absorber technology that incorporates specialized magnetic particles.

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Display thermal management

The automotive cockpit is where new technologies are converging. Ever advancing information displays are delivering more data and functionality for an improved driver and passenger experience. That demand for a better overall experience, combined with higher computing speeds and modern design trends that expose information displays directly to the sun, make it important to help prevent heat from damaging display components.
  • Enable automotive information displays to run cooler and more reliably.

    • Available in both pad and adhesive tape formats to help meet modern design specifics and requirements.
    • Designed with a balanced combination of bulk material conductivity (k) and wet-out, which enables display systems to operate in optimal temperature ranges for improved reliability and intended performance.
    • Acrylic chemistry in our tapes and pads reduces siloxane contamination issues, they have excellent electrical isolation properties and some pads are UL94 V-0 listed.
    • Soft and conformable even to non-flat surfaces while providing excellent handing and workability.
    • 3M can help you meet your modern design specifics with efficient and highly flexible and conformable thermal management tapes and pads that deliver precision application and high performance without bulk or manufacturing complexity.
  • Info display thermal management - display interior

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Display cushioning and damping

To help keep critical systems running, that connect drivers and allow vehicles to perform safely and reliably, it is imperative to protect the sensitive equipment that keeps the systems going. As displays increase in size and reliance on touchscreen technology interface grows, foams that can absorb and disperse impact energy and help reduce point loads which are key to helping keep infotainment touchscreens and digital dashboards working.

  • Person touching info display screen
  • Protect critical information and improve system longevity.

    Our highly damped foams deliver 60% to 70% impact absorption, are available in multiple stiffnesses and thicknesses and can be laminated to adhesives and die cut to meet your unique design needs, helping improve product longevity.

    • High internal damping provides energy dissipation, helping reduce vibrations that cause buzz, squeak, and rattle.
    • Absorbs & disperses impact energy, helping reduce point loads which may cause displays to stop working.
    • Available in multiple stiffnesses and thicknesses.

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