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With the increase of electronics in new vehicles, the industry is looking to shift from dedicated electronic control units to domain controllers that must manage more complex and interconnected functions. This requires a shift of power. It also introduces various design challenges: thermal management, electromagnetic interference, and electrical isolation. 3M is uniquely suited to meet these challenges and advance the technologies that will drive the future of ECU design.

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  • While not everyone has noticed the scope of the changes, electronics and computing have slowly inched their way into the total driving experience. These advances have resulted in better efficiency, increased safety and improved quality of life.

    It’s been over 50 years since the first rudimentary vehicle computer was introduced. From monitoring steering and brakes to improving general maintenance, ECUs evolved to make everyday travel easier and road trips more enjoyable. Through the decades, ECUs became more comprehensive and served more functions. In higher-end vehicles today, subsystems can number over one- hundred.


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