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3M automotive propulsion and emission control systems solutions

When you have served the automotive industry for more than 100 years, you learn a few things about propulsion. As an innovative materials and application engineering company, 3M is here to help automotive customers address problems. You can look to 3M for internal combustion engine (ICE) solutions that enable increased torque to help maintain or increase power density in smaller engines, and emission control solutions that help you meet changing global requirements. Let’s talk about how 3M can help give you the power you need.


  • 3M AASD 3466 CV Capabilities descriptive text Live video. We open on an aerial shot of cars driving on an interstate. We cut to wide shot of a semi-truck driving at dusk with a sunset. Onscreen text reads: Emission regulations are changing across the globe We cut to a close-up of a semi-truck tire driving on a road. Onscreen text reads: and meeting them can be a challenge. We cut to a shot of Earth seen from outer space. Onscreen text reads: 3M is here to help. We cut to an illustrated map of the world as small clips of 3M workers pop up around different locations. We zoom in on one clip showing a technical worker conducting a test. Onscreen text reads: Our global network of technical experts We cut to a different worker working with wires. Onscreen text reads: can help you solve your toughest exhaust emission challenges We cut to an illustrated table of 3M�s 51 core technologies. Onscreen text reads: leveraging 14 of 3M�s 51 core technologies. 14 cells are highlighted. We cut a close-up of the illustrated map as it pans over North America. Onscreen text reads: Our world-class labs and facilities We quickly pan to Europe where it shows one map marker location, then continues panning to show locations in India, China, South Korea and Japan. Onscreen text reads: Are designed for emission material testing. We cut to a close-up of a testing station. Onscreen text reads: Our proprietary Real Condition Fixture Testing (RCFT) We cut to an extreme close-up of the device as a gloved hand makes adjustments to it. Onscreen text reads: finds the pressure 3M mats produce in your design We cut to a close-up of the device that pans down. Onscreen text reads: with precise temperature and gap control. We cut to a wide shot of a testing lab. Onscreen text reads: Other 3M testing capabilities include: We cut to a close-up of a hot cycling compression testing tube. Onscreen text reads: Hot Cycling Compression Testing We cut to a close-up of a Hot/Cold Erosion testing system spinning. Onscreen text reads: Hot/Cold Erosion Testing We cut to a close-up of a Thermal Exposure Hot-Push Testing device as it pans out to show the full device. Onscreen text reads: Resistive Thermal Exposure Hot-Push Testing We cut to a lab technician as he analyzes the equipment. Onscreen text reads: Thermomechanical Analysis We cut to an extreme close-up of a friction testing device. Onscreen text reads: Friction Testing We cut to a mid-shot of a lab technician placing a tube into an opening and sealing it with a cover. Onscreen text reads: Prototype Building We cut to a mid-shot of a vibration testing device as it heats up. Onscreen text reads: Automotive Component Vibration Testing We cut to a mid-shot of a piece of heavy equipment shaking up and down. Onscreen text reads: Commercial & Heavy Equipment Component Vibration Testing We cut to an illustrated map of the world as pinned icons appear showing the 3M global plants. Onscreen text reads: Global 3M plants Are strategically located to supply automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturing. Manufacturing Converting We cut to a wide shot as it pans to show three workers working on a manufacturing conveyer belt. Onscreen text reads: It�s time to tackle your emission control challenges We cut to a close-up of a man smiling. Onscreen text reads: and 3M is ready to help you get it done. Fade to black as the 3M Science. Applied to Life. logo lockup animates in. Onscreen text reads: Contact your local 3M Application Engineer: 3Mcom/emission or 1-800-328-1684 �3M 2021. All rights reserved. Fade to black.

    Passenger vehicle exhaust and evaporative emission control video

    Passenger vehicle exhaust emission control

    • Internal combustion engines will still be in demand during the transition to EV lineups. Traditional emissions standards and regulations, such as United States Tier 4 and Euro Level 7 regulations, will continue to impact ICE emission control system design. With more than 45 years of experience supporting the emissions industry, 3M is here with world-leading expertise and testing methods to help find a solution for your design, helping save you valuable time and effort as automotive industry resources shift to electrification.

      3M is a leading supplier of mat mount and high-performance thermal solutions for advanced gasoline, diesel and hydrogen emission control systems for reduced CO2, NOx and PM emissions. They can be used around ceramic monoliths and filters in the following systems:

      • Three-way catalyst (TWC)
      • Selective catalytic reduction (SCR)
      • NOx absorbers
      • Ammonia storage catalysts (ASC)
      • Gasoline particulate filters (GPF)
      • Diesel particulate filters (DPF)

      3M global teams are here to collaborate with you on your light-duty and passenger vehicles applications every step of the way. We offer world-class application engineering support, labs and manufacturing capabilities in every geography.

    • See our state-of-the-art testing facilities in action.

  • Emissions standards and regulations

    If vehicles containing combustion engines are still on the road, meeting emission regulations globally will still be important. OEMs and canners are thinking about how to continue to meet regulations even with less resources dedicated to emissions systems.

    Changes to the emission systems could still be implemented to meet low exhaust emissions, including:

    • Maintaining system temperature with improved insulation
    • Converting to more fragile and porous catalysts
    • Designing updated catalyst geometrics
    • Preheating catalyst before start-up
    • Adding or increasing the size of catalysts
    • Managing increased exhaust temperature conditions and flow rates
    • Designing emission control systems and materials for more efficient, smaller engines

    3M can help with these design challenges and help find the right solution for your application. Message a 3M expert.

  • Car with a check mark icon

    Your globally trusted emission system material supplier

    • 45+ years producing emission control materials
    • 1+ billion vehicles produced using 3M emission control materials
    • 17 global locations for manufacturing and converting

3M solutions for emission control systems


Tackling your toughest ICE propulsion challenges together

  • Like you, we have spent decades helping improve and maximize both the manufacturing and performance of ICE vehicles. That means we understand the challenges you face. Internal combustion engines are becoming smaller, but the components driving the powertrain must maintain material strength and increase torque to achieve higher efficiency. 3M can help.

    From one end of the powertrain to the other, 3M helps advance ICE vehicles through a network of application development and testing facilities worldwide.

  • Stabilize bolted joints in classical and advanced ICE powertrains

    Address shear protection and torque protection in ICE and hybrid engines. In hybrid engines, shear forces get extremely high due to the high torque output of electric motors and aluminium housing components have low friction. Increasing clamp force/bolt size can also deform surfaces.

    3M™ Friction Shims, which have been used in the timing elements of ICE engines for decades, enhance coefficent of friction by 5X, stabilizing joints to mitigate micromovements in hybrid engine applications.

  • Motor housing application diagram
    Motor housing

    3M Friction Shims expand design freedom to enable unique designs such as pancake motors into hybrid powertrains.

    1. Gearbox
    2. Pancake electric motor
    3. 3M Friction Shims
    4. Internal combustion engine
  • Crankshaft application diagram

    By increasing torque transfer, 3M Friction Shims help increase power output with no costly redesign required.

    • Torsional Vibration Damper
    • Sprocket
    • 3M Friction Shims

  • 3M abrasive products

    Reduce engine size

    Smaller engines require stronger materials that are stable at high temperatures and create more precise and smoother finishes on parts.

  • Ensure top performance

    Sintered silicon nitride (Si₃N₄) is an extremely hard and corrosion-resistant ceramic material that is almost 60% lighter than steel. It offers an excellent combination of properties such as thermal and impact shock resistance, electrical insulation and wear resistance. This material is excellent for ceramic rings in oxygen (lambda) sensors which help ensure top engine performance and alert to high emissions.

  • powertrain, chassis and wheels

    Enhance your next EV battery and ePowertrain design. 3M can help you tackle tough challenges related to thermal runaway propagation, battery assembly and disassembly, eMotor assembly and more, and optimize your throughput. We combine established, world-class expertise in lithium-ion battery technologies with a century of experience in the automotive industry.

  • Electric vehicle charging

    Internal combustion engines will still be needed for commercial vehicles and fleets as near zero-emission solutions are still vetted. Spend less time and resources researching emission system material solutions and go with the trusted supplier with regulatory knowledge and over four decades in the market. 3M offers mat mount and high-performance thermal solutions for commercial and specialty vehicle applications. Choose 3M and you'll have global support through your design, testing and validation process.

Need help finding the right solution?

3M is constantly working to meet the evolving challenges of vehicle suppliers worldwide. If you need help finding an existing solution or would like to talk about specific ideas you’re working on, get in touch with us.