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The magic is in what you see and what you don’t.

Driver and In-Vehicle Monitoring Solutions

New safety standards and increased automation have propelled innovations of in-vehicle monitoring. From driver monitoring systems (DMS) to occupant monitoring, these systems are not only essential to increasing road safety and achieving autonomous driving but can also add value by monitoring for passenger wellness. Whether they are integrated into the dashboard, information displays, or other locations in the automotive interior, where and how they are integrated can impact their performance. 3M is pioneering technologies to help optimize in-vehicle monitoring sensors – allowing you to place sensors where you want while providing a delightful user experience.

3M™ Sensor Camoflage Film video

Sensor performance meets design

Placing sensors where they’ll be most effective doesn’t always align with where they’ll be most appealing. To prioritize performance without compromising the aesthetics of your vehicle interior, 3M has developed a breadth of solutions: from sensor design and concealment to component bonding and optimization. Explore how 3M solutions can innovate your interior.

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