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HMI Electromagnetic Interference Management

Boost the signal; lose the noise

It’s a persistent problem of electrical engineering: enhancing functionality while mitigating electromagnetic interference (EMI). In automotive HMI systems – where easy readability is key to keeping drivers informed at all times – the importance of reliable and effective EMI management cannot be overstated.

3M has been a trusted resource for EMI shielding for decades. Our expertise across multiple industries allows us to provide advanced EMI absorbers ideal for blocking a broad range of frequencies and optimizing signal-to-noise ratios in automotive HMI systems. Our electrically conductive tapes provide effective grounding and shield on top of strong, reliable adhesion to keep your display devices running their best.

  • Boost eMirror performance and keep critical safety information front and center with advanced EMI absorbers and conductive tapes from 3M.

  • Optimize signal-to-noise ratios and achieve consistent performance even in rugged environments. Conductive tapes from 3M can help get it done.

  • Achieve consistent signals in the PGU across a broad range of frequencies. EMI absorbers from 3M are easily die cut to fit critical HUD components.

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