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3M™ Battery Enhancement Material


Powerful help for xEV battery temperature regulation and greater range

3M Battery Enhancement Material is designed specifically to keep xEV batteries within their optimum temperature ranges, especially in unpredictable environments. This engineered material for xEV batteries helps reduce draw from battery power required for cooling and heating systems.

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    Minimize warmup time and help maintain optimal temperature range

    Excessive temperatures can impair xEV battery performance and permanently shorten battery life. In cold temperatures, 3M Battery Enhancement Material keeps the battery warmer longer. This limits the power draw from onboard heating units, which can increase driving range.

    In warm temperatures 3M Battery Enhancement Material helps the battery operate within its optimal range, which can help maintain battery storage capacity and performance over the lifetime of the electric vehicle.

  • Highly compressible

    3M Battery Enhancement Material is conformable and highly compressible to fill the variable gaps between the battery pack and the battery pack lid. It is ideal where space is at a premium – most commonly beneath the cooling plate – and allows for thermal insulation in small, thin spaces.

  • Customizable to specific dimensions

    It is easily customizable to specific battery pack dimensions and is available slit, laminated, die-cut and edge-sealed to individual customer specifications.

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    Intended and Restricted Use: Some products on this page have not been designed or tested for use in certain automotive applications, including, but not limited to, automotive electric powertrain battery or high voltage applications. For more information on specific products contact your 3M Application Engineer. ##discLink1##

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