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Electric Vehicle Battery Solutions from 3M

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You face broad challenges in xEV battery production and design. 3M provides practical, scalable and efficiency-enhancing solutions.

Thermal Management

Thermal Management Solutions for xEV Battery

To help you achieve the higher voltages and longer range required in xEV battery designs, 3M employs the science of thermal management. Collaborating with 3M, you can incorporate xEV battery thermal management solutions in your designs to help extended life, range and recharge time, and enable streamlined processes and faster assembly.

Explore our solutions for xEV battery thermal management.

  • This material provides a barrier against often unpredictable outside elements, helping maintain optimal battery temperatures in all weather conditions.

  • Helping to improve thermal conductivity even in small amounts, this single, lightweight filler is up to 20x more thermally conductive than alumina fillers and 8x more when used in polymers.

  • These hollow glass microspheres are an easy way to lower the weight, improve thermal insulation properties, and improve the flow of low-viscosity potting resins.

Thermal Runaway

Thermal Runaway Propagation Solutions for xEV Battery

As xEV battery pack designs continue to evolve, it’s more important than ever to address thermal runaway challenges.

Our strong understanding of battery cell chemistry, as well as technical expertise in manufacturing, including APQP/FMEA processes and the latest automated application methods, help us collaborate with you and understand your specific battery pack design.  Our solutions are backed by material testing capabilities.

  • thermal runaway barrier materials
  • Our solutions to help address thermal runaway propagation are available for applications between cells and modules, under lids, and above cells.


Assembly Solutions for xEV Battery

Assembly of xEV batteries is about performance – in efficiency of design and materials, in serviceability during production, and for drivers on the road. 3M bonding and joining solutions include adhesives that deliver semi-structural and structural strength, making them ideal for use with, or in place of, mechanical fasteners. Our selection of tapes and powder resins allow for excellent electrical insulation in precise locations. Our battery sealants can help eliminate time spent cutting and fitting, and 3M structural adhesive tapes are excellent for applications that do not require initial adhesive cure times.

In addition, 3M provides advanced lightweighting solutions that allows for the use of a variety of substrates. Our friction shims are a quick solution for stronger, more stable battery mounting systems.

3M collaborates with you on your assembly process improvements such as automated application systems for maximum efficiency and productivity.

  • Available in multiple chemistries to suit a broad range of xEV battery designs and applications, our two-part structural adhesives incorporate smoothly into your automated processes.

  • Quickly add strength and stability to your xEV battery mounting assemblies without additional bolts or costly redesigns.

  • Our broad selection of tapes and adhesives allows for staged assembly and incorporates features like easy die-cutting and extended liners for your automated application.

  • Our flexible adhesive sealants and our two-part cure-in-place gasket material apply cleanly using automated equipment and do not require high-temperature curing.

  • Our microcellular polyurethane cushioning foams are compression tested and designed for cushioning between battery cells in electrical vehicles.

Electrical Insulation

Electrical Insulation Solutions for xEV Battery

Creating functional and reliable xEV batteries depends on containing electrical charge. 3M offers a selection of scientifically engineered solutions.

These tapes and films, along with our range of solid epoxy insulating resins, allows you to choose the hardness, flexibility and dielectric strength for your specific designs.

3M also provides the technical know-how to help you choose and incorporate solutions for some of the most basic and critical functions of your xEV battery designs. That means adding dielectric breakdown strength to critical xEV battery components. It means fewer tape wraps during assembly. That’s just the start.

  • One-part, epoxy-based, fusion bonded powder resins apply easily and help you meet specific electrical and mechanical performance requirements.

  • These combinations of films and adhesives can help you design xEV batteries for a broad range of temperatures, substrates and electrical grades.

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