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Electric Vehicle Battery Solutions from 3M

We’ll help you get where you’re going in xEV battery design and production

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Range, safety and battery life are some of the important destinations in the new frontier for automotive OEM. 3M will help you get there, because we’re going there too. In fact, we put some of our most enduring and successful core technologies – adhesives, electronics, advanced materials and others – into today’s electric vehicle (EV) battery solutions. If you need something to enhance your specific xEV battery application, we’re ready to collaborate for the future. We’ll help you optimize your designs and streamline production, all through a seamless, reliable global network serving virtually every region in the world. Together, we can continually expand the limits of xEV battery performance, now and down the road.

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Bonding, cooling, cushioning, grounding, sealing and more from 3M

You face broad challenges in xEV battery production and design. 3M provides practical, scalable and efficiency-enhancing solutions.

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    Thermal Management for xEV Battery

    To help make you make your xEV battery designs successful, 3M employs the science of temperature control. Our lightweight thermal interface materials help dissipate heat and direct it through precise heat-transfer paths. Thermal insulation helps block temperature extremes, helping moderate operating temperatures in harsh environments. Our dielectric fluids help manage and regulate heat transfer in batteries designed for direct contact cooling.

    We will work with you to provide efficient, effective thermal management solutions all the way down the line: streamlined processes, faster assembly, and xEV battery systems designed for extended life, range and recharge time.

    Explore our broad range of solutions for xEV battery thermal management in pouch, prismatic and cylindrical xEV battery designs.

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    • 3M™ Thermally Conductive Interface Pads

      A lightweight, low-outgassing solution for managing heat-generating components. They are ideal for cooling plate and under-the-lid applications.

    • 3M™ Thermally Conductive Liquid Gap Fillers

      Chemically tunable, silicone- and iso-cyanate free material is excellent for a wide range of battery gap filling needs – all from one dependable source.

    • Direct Contact Cooling

      3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluids, our next generation of non-electrically-conductive fluids, are non-ozone depleting and low global warming solutions for your xEV battery design.

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    • 3M™ Battery Enhancement Material

      This material provides a barrier against often unpredictable outside elements, helping maintain optimal battery temperatures in all weather conditions.

    • 3M™ Glass Bubbles

      These hollow glass microspheres can help decrease thermal conductivity in plastics, structural foams, sheet- and bulk-molded composites and other xEV battery materials.

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    Thermal Runaway and Fire Propagation for xEV Battery

    Suppression and prevention of thermal runaway propagation in xEV batteries requires materials built for flame and high-temperature resistance, dielectric strength, flexibility, and compression and recovery. Our range of materials delivers very robust high-temperature resistance and dielectric strength for protection against thermal runaway fire propagation during and after a thermal runaway event. It includes barrier materials engineered for resistance to flame and electrical isolation failure. These materials are durable enough for use under the lid and thin enough for use between battery cells.

    Below you’ll find our most effective solutions for protecting xEV batteries from flame, pressure, particulates and electrical discharge. 3M collaborates with you to ensure the most effective solutions for your battery applications, helping you meet evolving industry regulations for customer safety.

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    Assembly Solutions for xEV Battery

    Assembly of xEV batteries is about performance – in efficiency of design and materials, in serviceability during production, and for drivers on the road. 3M bonding and joining solutions include adhesives that deliver semi-structural and structural strength, making them ideal for use with, or in place of, mechanical fasteners. Our battery sealants virtually eliminate time spent cutting and fitting, and 3M attachment tapes are excellent for applications that do not require adhesive cure times.

    In addition, 3M provides advanced lightweighting solutions that allows for the use of lighter, smarter substrates. Our friction shims are a quick solution for stronger, more stable battery mounting systems.

    3M collaborates with you on your assembly process improvements such as automated application systems for maximum efficiency, productivity, and vehicle life.

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    • 3M Structural Adhesives

      Available in multiple chemistries to suit a broad range of xEV battery designs and applications, our two-part structural adhesives incorporate smoothly into your automated processes.

    • 3M Structural Adhesive Tapes

      Our tape solutions cure at lower temperatures compared to brazing, and apply cleanly and consistently between substrates to provide a thin insulation layer that helps resist corrosion caused by metal fasteners.

    • 3M Double Sided Tapes

      Our broad selection of tapes and adhesives allows for staged assembly and incorporates features like easy die-cutting and extended liners for your automated application.

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    • 3M Battery Sealant

      Our flexible adhesive sealants and our two-part cure-in-place gasket material apply cleanly using automated equipment and do not require high-temperature curing.

    • 3M™ Glass Bubbles

      High-strength, low-density polymer additives can help lower cycle times and reduce part weight for compounded and injection molded materials in your xEV battery applications.

    • 3M™ Friction Shims

      Quickly add strength and stability to your xEV battery mounting assemblies without additional bolts or costly redesigns.

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    Electrical Isolation Solutions for xEV Battery

    So much of creating functional and reliable xEV batteries depends on containing electrical charge. 3M delivers a complete selection of scientifically engineered solutions. 3M invented the first electrical tape, and today our electrical grade insulating tapes and films are known worldwide. These tapes and films, along with our range of solid epoxy insulating resins, allows you to choose the hardness, flexibility and dielectric strength for your specific designs.

    3M provides the technical know-how to help you choose and incorporate solutions for some of the most basic and critical functions of your xEV battery designs. That means adding dielectric breakdown strength to critical xEV battery components. It means fewer tape wraps during assembly. That’s just the start.

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    • 3M™ Scotchcast™ Electrical Resins

      One-part, epoxy-based, fusion bonded powder resins apply easily and help you meet specific electrical and mechanical performance requirements.

    • 3M Electrical Tapes and Films

      These combinations of films and adhesives can help you design xEV batteries for a broad range of temperatures, substrates and electrical grades.

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    Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) Solutions for xEV Battery

    3M provides world-class solutions grounded in the science of acoustics. Our expertise in insulation, damping, bonding and cushioning is vital to helping you successfully design xEV batteries and allows us to provide you with solutions to meet the unique challenges of managing noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) in xEV batteries.

    Based on decades of developing automotive NVH solutions, we provide technologies for bonding, damping and insulating in very thin spaces. Aearo Technologies LLC, a 3M company, provides high-performance cushioning materials designed specifically for consistent compression force deflection – ideal for helping control swelling of Li-ion battery cells throughout charge cycles and managing noise, vibration and harshness on the road.

    Many of our NVH management solutions are suitable for your automated application.

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    • E-A-R Cushioning Materials

      A selection of compressible, energy absorbing foams is engineered for cushioning and gap filling throughout the xEV battery.

    • 3M Double Sided Tapes

      Reliable bonds for pressure plates, module components, cell-to-cell assemblies and more, without the time and equipment needed for curing.

    • 3M™ Friction Shims

      This simple, powerful friction-enhancing solution helps prevent vibrational movement in battery mount assemblies without additional bolts or other fasteners.

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    Electrical Shielding Solutions for xEV Battery

    To meet the demands for xEV performance and range, you work to design more power density into every pack. To meet the equally important demand for long battery life, controlling electromagnetic interference has never been more important.

    Reliable point-to-point electrical contact, precisely when and where you need it, is key to keeping xEV batteries performing at their peak. 3M provides a wide range of solutions based on decades of combined expertise in adhesives and electronics. Derived from the industry’s first electrical tape - invented by 3M - our grounding and shielding tapes for xEV batteries are available in a variety of metal foil materials and thicknesses to meet specific challenges in grounding, static charge draining and EMI/RFI shielding. 3M will collaborate with you for testing, prototyping and more.

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    • 3M Grounding and Shielding Tapes

      Electrically conductive adhesive transfer tapes, metal foil tapes and metallized fabric shielding tapes deliver precise, reliable grounding and shielding even in harsh xEV battery environments.

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