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3M delivers complete integrated solutions for fabricating, bonding and protecting composite structures to meet exacting aircraft design requirements.


Aerospace Composite Parts

So much of your aircraft design depends on light weight and durability. That’s why 3M delivers solutions throughout the manufacture, bonding and protection of composite parts. Integrated composite fabrication, bonding and protection options include matrix resins, co-cure structural adhesive films, composite laminate edge sealers, and lightweight structural surfacing films with or without conductive mesh for lightning strike protection. This is all in addition to bonding solutions including paste adhesives, core splice adhesives and more, all formulated for excellent shop handling and efficient application. To learn more about 3M films, resins, sealers and more for fabricating composite aircraft parts, explore our solutions below.

Surfacing and Lightning Strike Protection Films

3M™ Matrix resins
3M™ Matrix Resins
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Resin Calculator

  • Appropriate mixing of epoxy and hardener is critical to both the processing and performance of your finished composite part.  3M's Resin Calculator makes calculating the appropriate mix ratio simple. You will need the Certificates of Analyses that shipped with the resin and the hardener where you will find the Epoxy Equivalent Weight (EEW) for each component.  Enter the two numbers in the appropriate boxes (Box 1 and Box 4 for the 3M Matrix Resin and Hardener respectively).  In Box 2, enter your desired units of 3M Matrix Resin.  The calculator will function whether you prefer to mix by volume or by weight. The Charge Ratio in Box 3 can be recommended by 3M Technical Support Personnel by calling 1-800-235-2376.  The basic starting point for a Charge Ratio is 1.00.  Resin performance can occasionally be improved with a slight under charge (0.95) or a slight over charge (1.05).

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Appropriate Mix Ratio is Parts 3M Matrix Resin to

*Potential savings values are approximate, provided for general reference purposes only, and are not guaranteed by 3M. Values are based on information provided by customer. Actual results will vary as there are many factors beyond 3M's control and uniquely within user's knowledge and control which can affect the use and performance of a 3M product in a particular application. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information and formulas, no guarantee is given or responsibility taken by 3M for the accuracy of these results or the applicability to a customer's particular circumstances.

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