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Efficiency built in.

When solutions for interior sealing, acoustics and corrosion protection arrive with efficiency built in, you gain a true advantage in aircraft assembly. Learn more.


Interior Assembly for Aerospace

Sealing, corrosion protection and acoustic control are cornerstones of interior aircraft assembly. But to gain a true advantage, your interior assembly solutions must have efficiency built in. For example, consider primary acoustic insulation supplied in encapsulated bags for fast installation and control of fiber-fly. Our low-sag paste adhesives and polysulfide sealants are formulated for easy tooling and less rework. 3M has many OEM approvals for wet area corrosion preventive polyurethane tapes. We offer tough, conformable, stand alone burn-rated tapes as well as products that can pass burn testing in a construct. These protective tapes feature easy-release liners and are used for seam sealing and wide area protection.

Paste Adhesives

Epoxy and urethane paste adhesives deliver structural and semi-structural performance in a range of densities. Epoxies are available in FR and FST versions. 

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