Traffic Sign Printing

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At 3M, we know traffic sign production work flow impacts your business. From printers to overlay and any components in between, we have the expertise to help you produce a fully reflective, durable traffic sign. In addition, when you use our products, you can feel confident knowing that you can be backed by the 3M™ MCS™ Warranty for Traffic.

digital printer for traffic sign fabrication printing out roadway signage

Specify digital printing for your agency

If you are a state or local Transportation Agency and interested in learning about the benefits of specifying digitally printed regulated traffic signs, take a look at how you can benefit adding this option to your sign specifications.

Learn more about benefits for state or local agencies.

The advantages of a Digital Printing Solution

What are the benefits of digital printing solutions?

Take a closer look

See and learn more about the advantages of updating to a 3M digital printing solution

  • Video explaining the benefits of 3M’s digital printing solutions via diagrams and infographics
    Learn about workflow advantages
    Watch the video above to learn how 3M digital printing solutions can add efficiency to your business.
  • Rolls of sign sheeting, finished traffic signs, and ink.
    Choosing a digital traffic sign printing solution

    Click here to learn about the science behind printing regulated traffic signs.

Protect your signs from costly graffiti damage

  • Traffic signs being laminated during printing.
  • Explore a cost-effective solution to maximize the life of your traffic signs. 3M™ Protective Overlay Film Series 1160i makes it easy to clean and restore signs affected by graffiti, helping to reduce replacement costs. The film can be used with digital printing methods to provide UV protection against sign degradation with the added benefit of graffiti resistance.

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At 3M, we have a Warranty to back up your digital sign printing business

Our MCS™ Warranty for Traffic

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  • To qualify for a specific MCS™ Warranty for Traffic, using the correct ink, RIP Software, Overlay and Sheeting is needed. Visit our warranty selector page to see more resources on each warranty we have to offer.

The Printers

A robust portfolio of printers, giving you the flexibility to choose the ultimate printing solution for your business.

UV Inkjet Digital Printers

Talk to a sales representative about 3M printer options to find out what printer is right for your business needs.


The components of a Digital Printing Solution

What do I need to have a strong digital printing solution?

  • Diagram breaking down the layers of traffic sign sheeting

    We know you aren't just looking for a traffic sign printer. You are looking for all the components to fit your needs. Whether it’s the digital road sign printer of a certain price, or the latex inks. We have all the materials needed for a digital sign printing solution that work together and produce high quality traffic signs that last.

    At 3M, we offer all of the components you need to create effective sign printing processes.

Resources for Digital Sign Printing