3M Road Safety

At 3M we are dedicated to improving transportation infrastructure and mobility so motorists can arrive at their destinations safely. Our high performance materials combine with innovative systems and services to help you bring the best roadways systems into reality. For over 80 years, we have shared in your mission to make our roadway safer.

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Sharing in your mission for safer roads.

Your job is critical in helping to make roads safer for the driving public. We’re here to help with innovative products, localized customer service and worldwide advocacy for safer roads. If you’re up to the challenge, so are we.

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Applications dedicated to safety

  • airport traffic sign

    Traffic Signs

    Whether it’s retroreflective sign sheeting for road signs, guide signs or delineation devices, 3M sign sheeting meets the requirements of today’s complex and demanding traffic environment.

  • Digital traffic sign printing materials

    Digital Traffic Sign Printing

    Our digital sign printing solutions give you quick, on-demand prints for custom traffic signs backed by our finest 3MTM MCSTM Warranty.

  • Pavement with road markings

    Road Markings

    For superior retroreflectivity in both dry and wet conditions, we combined durable beads with multiple refractive index beads for pavement-marking products that provide excellent visibility to drivers.

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  • Reflective construction signs and cones

    Temporary Traffic Control

    Provide enhanced visibility and improved safety for temporary traffic control in construction work zones with 3M’s full line of high-performance materials.

  • Reflective conspicuity tape on truck


    Maximize visibility with 3M reflective tape and conspicuity markings. Maximize the visibility of trucks and trailers, school buses, railcars and and emergency vehicles.

  • Vehicle license plate

    Vehicle Registration

    Efficiently identify stolen license plates, vehicles and outstanding vehicular violations with license plate readers and reflective license plates that can be read in all conditions.

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Autonomous vehicle animation

Helping you prepare for a transportation revolution.

Connected and automated vehicles are changing transportation as we know it. This revolutionary change is predicated on having transportation infrastructure that works with cameras, radar and lasers to help automated vehicles interpret their surroundings.


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