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Applications for Road Safety

  • Digital Traffic Sign Printing

    Optimal sign visibility and legibility under a wide range of conditions can help reduce accidents and lower transportation-related costs. 3M’s advanced microreplication and full cubed corner technology create excellent performance in retroreflective sheeting. 3M also offers a broad portfolio of digital printing solutions to meet the needs of digitally imaging 3M retroreflective sheeting.

  • Road Markings

    Day or night, rain or shine, pavement markings must be effective to help keep drivers and pedestrians safe. 3M’s microcrystalline ceramic beads, durable components, and advanced adhesives help create highly visible, durable markings to help enable safe road navigation.

  • Temporary Traffic Control

    Temporary Traffic Control is complex. It is critical to protect road workers and vehicle drivers while communicating vital information to keep traffic moving through unfamiliar routes. 3M provides sheeting, temporary pavement markings, and delineation systems that help (improve or increase) visibility any time of the day or night in any kind of weather.

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