Conspicuity tape for regulated vehicles and trailers

High-reflectivity 3M conspicuity tape helps improve the visibility and safety of your vehicles and trailers. Conspicuity tape complies with DOT reflectivity, pattern, and vehicle placement standards.

Government regulations call for conspicuity tape on certain types of vehicles and trailers to help prevent traffic accidents, injuries, and deaths. The NHTSA estimates that, annually, these regulations help prevent between 191 and 350 accidental deaths, up to 5,000 injuries, and 7,800 crashes compared to fleets without conspicuity tape.¹
DOT conspicuity tape on truck
Comply with regulations. Protect your vehicles.

Conspicuity applications

  • DOT Conspicuity Tape on Truck
    Trucks and trailers

    3M™ Diamond Grade™ Conspicuity Markings Series 983 are the best “real world” solution to increase a vehicle’s visibility. Here’s why. Starts bright, stays bright - after 2,000 hours of accelerated weathering,* Series 983 showed the smallest change in brightness (<10%).**

    *Xe Arc Test as per ASTM D4956-19 Method 1.
    **Compared to markings from select manufacturers (DOT-C2 regulated marking colors). Regulations for Trucks and Trailers (FMVSS 108)

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  • Freight Rail Conspicuity Marking Tape
    Freight rail cars

    Enhanced visibility down the line. Make your rail cars more visible with 3M™ Diamond Grade™ rail car markings.

    Regulations for Freight Rail Cars (FRA-224)

    View conspicuity tape for freight rail cars

  • School bus stop sign with conspicuity
    School buses

    Help improve safety for students and motorists. Give your school buses outstanding visibility with 3M™ Diamond Grade™ school bus markings.

    Regulations for School Buses (FMVSS 217)

    View conspicuity tape for school buses

  • Fire truck conspicuity tape
    Fire trucks and emergency vehicles

    Retroreflectivity to the rescue. Increase the visibility of your fire trucks, ambulances, police cars and other emergency vehicles with 3M™ emergency vehicle markings.

    Regulations for Fire Trucks and Fire Apparatus (NFPA 1901)


    View conspicuity tape for fire trucks and emergency vehicles

Safety is easy to see

  • How do I apply and remove conspicuity tape?

    3M Conspicuity Tape is easy to apply and remove. It’s important to correctly apply the conspicuity tape to your vehicle or trailer to ensure durability, strong adhesion and effectiveness. Proper application also helps to ensure that your warranty is valid.

  • Applying conspicuity tape on a vehicle

Featured conspicuity tape products for regulated vehicles

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