Digitally printed traffic signs for agencies

When looking to source finished traffic signs for your agency, you have more than one option for specifying how your regulated signs are produced. Adding the option for digitally printed regulatory and custom signs to your sign specification allows you more flexibility.

Here are some advantages provided by a digital print process:

  • Various colors of 3M sign sheeting materials being tested outdoors for weathering standards.

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    Signs printed on 3M qualified printers, using 3M’s matched component are vigorously tested in real-world situations as well as weathered at our state-of-the-art Weathering Center. As a world leader in weathering test standards, we use science, technology and innovation to help ensure your finished sign will perform for its intended life.

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  • Looking for assistance in creating a digital print sign specification?

    Talk to a sales representative to find out what is right for your business needs.


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