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When you’re aware, it’s easier to prepare.

Our team can collaborate with you to create a plan to help ensure operational continuity in the event of a pandemic.


Preparing for a pandemic.

As recent history has taught us, pandemics can be very disruptive to our daily lives. And while there’s no way to fully know what the impact will be when one occurs, it is possible to be as ready as you can be with a proactive plan. We can collaborate with you to help you create a managed inventory of PPE for your essential employees and other supplies you may need. By evaluating potential threats and your models, we can help you determine what kind of equipment and how much you’ll need to have on hand. Then you can manage your supply and rotate stock so that you’re not relying on expired products.

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    Stockpiling personal protective equipment.

    In a world of just-in-time production and consumption, global pandemics put personal safety and business continuity at risk as the spike in demand for essential PPE and other products outpaces even the most robust manufacturing and distribution infrastructure. That's why 3M works with national and international governments, health authorities and businesses to help them build and maintain stockpiles so they're prepared to respond should the need arise.

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    How 3M fights fraud.

    We proactively fight the challenge of respirator fraud, counterfeiting and price gouging in connection with 3M products and the COVID-19 pandemic. From reporting hotlines to legal action and takedowns of deceptive advertising and e-commerce listings, the enforcement efforts of our dedicated teams have helped governments, healthcare organizations and others avoid these fraudulent activities.

Product Solutions

  • 3M is dedicated to helping facility management teams navigate the complexities of a COVID-19 world by providing the tools, products, and training to do so safely. This includes offering efficient and effective disinfectants.

  • Help address concerns about the coronavirus and COVID-19 with easy-to-understand floor, window and wall graphics that help people practice social distancing and gain vital information about your facility.

  • Now more than ever it’s critical to address the new changes to our workplaces presented by COVID-19. Many businesses are starting by creating an Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Plan, and the next step is to implement it using engineering controls, administrative controls and safe work practices.

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