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3M has helped people and organizations respond to some of the most significant events in recent history with innovative solutions.


Disaster Response

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In times of crisis, success can become a matter of who you know. The value of engaging an established partner with “boots on the ground” like 3M becomes clear when challenges arise.

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    When disaster strikes, we go to work, activating our local teams that are based in every region across the country. They leverage our established relationships with distributors, suppliers and trusted private partners and coordinate with our local manufacturing and supply chains all with one goal: helping you protect people and property when it matters most.

Why do organizations count on 3M when disaster strikes?

When you enter a partnership with 3M, you're getting more than a trusted resource for PPE. You gain access to a worldwide leader in preparedness and disaster response that has helped guide governments and organizations through some of the most trying times.

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    Inherent Expertise

    When you work with us, our knowledge and dedicated expert teams of technical, sales and marketing professionals become an extension of yours. We can help you gauge your minimum readiness level, understand potential threats to your organizational continuity, and turn your needs assessments into meaningful action plans.

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    Deep Experience

    We are a well-established authority on disaster response preparedness. For generations, governments and organizations have trusted 3M to help prepare and respond to events becuase we understand our customers' needs, we help develop many of the protocols and standards and we regularly publish educational technical documents that serve as critical foundational knowledge for our customers.

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    Established Relationships

    When you work with 3M, our connections become yours. Across the public and private sectors, we consult with government agencies, business executives and entire organizations to provide personal protective equipment. When you encounter a supply chain challenge, we're able to put our vast network to work to help solve it.

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    Local Manufacturing & Supply Chains

    With sourcing and manufacturing both here and abroad, we can respond like no other. Leading up to a localized disaster event, the quantity and location of essential supplies can make the difference in how effectively and efficiently you can restock. The combination of our global footprint and localized manufacturing allows us to be where you are sooner, shift inventory where it's needed most and rapidly scale up production.

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    Procurement Proficiency

    We know how to do business exactly the way you need us to. From writing new contracts to leveraging existing ones, our team has decades of experience partnerning with Federal, Regional, State and Local governments, as well as private entities of all sizes—always ensuring we provide a diversity of buying options to meet complex procurement requirements.

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    Quality Products & Support

    From PPE to healthcare and more, science is at the heart of our diverse portfolio. Protecting essential workers, reducing cross-contamination risks, transforming and repurposing spaces, combatting environmental pathogens and purifying the air are just some of the many ways we apply our science to help ensure your people and organization can effectively respond in a crisis.

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Find more disaster response and recovery information from some of the agencies we partner with to help you prepare a sustainable response plan.