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Helping you prepare your workplace to reopen

  • Preparing the workplace starts with planning, and 3M is here to help.

    Helping customers and employees with their work has always been important, and now more than ever it’s critical to address the new changes to our workplaces presented by COVID-19. Many businesses are starting by creating an Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Plan, and the next step is to implement it using engineering controls, administrative controls and safe work practices.

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Cleaning and Disinfecting

It’s important to routinely clean and disinfect surfaces, equipment, and other elements in your work environment — and 3M is here to help you do it right. With the right combination of qualified, US EPA Registered Disinfectants, applicators and cleaning implements, you can help clean and disinfect and instill confidence among your patrons.

3M offers a wide array of EPA-registered disinfectants that are certified to kill a variety of viruses. For the latest from 3M on cleaning best practices, read our Tech Talk which is continually updated with the newest information.

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Signage, Communications and Floor Markings

  • In rapidly evolving situations, a simple sign can go a long way to helping remind your workers, customers and visitors to physically distance. Whether permanent, temporary or immediate, delivering critical messages at the right time and place can make a difference in good hygiene and safety protocols for workplaces. 3M’s broad range of indoor and outdoor signage and communication solutions will convey messages to best assist your customers.

    As social distancing guidelines may evolve, be sure to reference latest government recommendations.

3M Vinyl Surface Graphics

Floor Markings

One important step you can make to help your employees and customers is giving them the directions they need to follow proper social distancing guidelines. Create queues, mark lanes, or even designate isolation areas — these are measures that can make a difference in helping to lessen the spread of viruses in a workplace.

Whiteboard Surfaces and Adhesives

  • Instantly transform your work surface into a whiteboard and even write with a permanent marker without stains. Permanent marker erases with water, no chemicals needed.

  • No matter how big or small the message, Post-it® Super Sticky Easel Pads are a quick way to capture them permanently on ink bleed-through resistant paper.

  • Post-it® Extreme Notes are water-resistant and stick in tough conditions, letting you quickly capture your message permanently on ink bleed-through resistant paper, even on rough, wet, hot or cold surfaces.

  • Achieve professional, ultra-clear lamination of your letter-size signs with this no-heat, no machine needed solution. It’s a simple way to protect them and make them easy to clean.

health care professional in personal protective equipment talking to a patient dressed in a medical gown and basic face mask

Personal Protective Equipment

While there are basic guidelines and guidance to identify low, medium and high exposure-risk jobs, it is each employer's responsibility to determine the risk of a job and what specific PPE that job requires.

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