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Help protect employees and serve your constituents with a managed inventory program—a critical line of defense in responding to unexpected disasters.


Developing a managed inventory.

When the worst happens, will you be ready? Do you know how much PPE you have available? Do you know if it’s the right kind? Do you know if it’s expired? Do you know who to call if you need more? These are the questions you won’t have to ask when we help you develop a managed inventory.

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    Critical infrastructure sectors are responsible to serve the public in all situations, including thoughtfully and carefully planning for scenarios we all hope never come to pass. It is important to have the right types and right amounts of PPE and to rotate them so you're not relying on expired products. With this approach, you'll be better prepared to sustain your critical operations and maintain business continuity in the face of a sudden spike in demand.

    For a detailed examination of global government best practices in developing national PPE stockpiles, read our whitepaper.

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These plans shall address identification, prioritization, protection, and contingency planning, including the recovery and reconstitution of essential capabilities.

What difference can a sustainable inventory plan make?

A sustainable inventory plan, sometimes also referred to as a stockpile or supply cache, involves building and maintaining an adequate supply of resources (like personal protective equipment and medical products) to cover all essential employees and needs. It should outline:

  • What you need: For example, PPE, medical supplies, messaging & communications, facility repurposing, disinfectants, filtration and more
  • Amount you need: Enough to sustain your organization for at least 24-48 in the event of a crisis while distributors respond
  • How it's managed: Ensuring that you proactively rotate through inventory that can expire, like respirators.
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    Ensuring business continuity.

    By building and maintaining a managed inventory of essential supplies, you can give your organization the ability to respond and maintain operations in the face of a crisis like a pandemic or natural disaster. Having adequate resources can make the difference in ensuring that you can protect employees and remain fully operational should the event cause an immediate disruption in product or material supply chains for manufacturers, delivery and inventory challenges for distributors, a significant spike in demand, or some combination of all three.

3M can help you effectively prepare and respond.

  • With 3M as a partner, you can help ensure you have the right types and right amounts of PPE and other supplies you need, as well as a consistent management plan to maintain viable stock. With the right plan in place, you’ll be prepared to respond in an emergency.

  • When disasters occur, you need an established and experienced partner to help you respond quicky, safely and confidently. 3M has the global manufacturing capabilities, networks, and agency and business partnerships to help you respond like few others can.

  • Respiratory protection is just the start of the 3M products that have been used to help businesses and agencies respond to and recovery from disasters around the world. Our portfolio of products provides an array of solutions to help you through and recover from whatever disaster you may face.

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