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Natural disasters, pandemics and other crises events are inevitable. That’s why you need a proactive partner like 3M to help you evaluate your process and prepare to respond to a crisis. Our products, expertise and global relationships can help you respond quickly and help reduce the severity of their impact.

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    Emergency Preparedness

    In an emergency, having access to adequate resources can help ensure your business continuity during events outside of your control. A managed inventory plan can help protect employees and keep your operation running. With the help of 3M, you can plan and manage the types and amounts of PPE and supplies you’ll need to have on hand.

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    Disaster Response

    With sourcing and manufacturing all over the world, 3M can help you respond like no one else can. Because we manufacture products in plants across the U.S., we can get products to you sooner. We also anticipate demand and shift inventory to where it’s needed most and scale up production to meet the moment.

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From natural disasters to pandemics, 3M has the boots on the ground to help prepare, respond and recovery from a crisis.

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Our preparation and recovery expertise goes beyond what we’re able to share here—if you’re not finding the content you’re looking for, please let us know, so we can help get you what you need.

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Customer Service

We partner with local, regional and federal agencies.

Find more disaster response and recovery information from some of the agencies we partner with to help you prepare a sustainable response plan.

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