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Emergency Preparedness

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With access to our expansive procurement, local manufacturing and ability to execute complex contracts, our dedicated experts can help you navigate preparing for emergencies and developing a managed inventory plan to help keep you operational when emergencies arise.

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    There for you in a crisis—and every other day of the year.

    The best disaster response comes from having the right plan as well as the right partners and products to help you execute it. That's why our global team of experts work with organizations year-round to educate and evaluate response strategies, helping them ensure they are prepared when it matters most.

    As a well-established authority on disaster response preparedness, we can provide you with insights derived from decades of experience preparing and responding to global and regional crises ranging from natural disasters, terrorist events, biological threats and more.

Every event poses unique challenges.

The reality is, most emergency events have a cadence. While some are recurring and offer some level of predictability, others are infrequent or virtually impossible for any organization to anticipate. With that in mind, preparing for all types of events as if they could happen any time can help enhance your short-term ability to react as well as reduce the severity of their impact on your organization.

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    Biological Events

    Biological events like a pandemic are most often:

    • Decentralized: more difficult to track and know where supplies are most needed
    • Sporadic: occurrences are often influenced by largely unpredictable events
    • All at once: one singular, longer threat means the same supplies being in high demand for sustained periods of time
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    Natural Disasters

    Natural disasters like a hurricane or flood are most often:

    • Regional: localized to specific areas that could be densely populated
    • Seasonal: provide some predictability to when they will occur
    • Phased: preparedness, response and recovery often require different types of supplies at different times (demand shifts)

How 3M can help you.

We help our customers and partners understand the risks that a variety of types of crises pose to their organization, and then we go to work helping them proactively prepare to mitigate the fallout during one.

  • In a pandemic, your goal is going to be protecting people over an extended period of time. What types of PPE and other supplies will you need? How much? How often will it need to be replaced? We have the answers to help you develop a plan to confidently confront the challenges of a pandemic response.

  • Floods, hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes—you name it, our team has helped respond to it. That’s why we’re uniquely qualified to help you prepare with the right plan and products you’ll need to protect people and help your operation recover from a natural disaster.

  • Having a sustainable inventory plan can help ensure you can protect employees and keep your business operating when a disaster strikes. We can help you determine what types of PPE and other supplies you’ll need, how much to have on hand and how to manage your inventory to avoid relying on expired products.

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    Respiratory Fit Testing & Product Support

    It's not enough to provide a respirator for your employees—they also need to be fit tested and trained on how to properly wear one for it to be effective. That's why we provide comprehensive resources and education on how to optimize a respiratory protection program in a variety of different work environments. From healthcare facilities to office buildings to disaster cleanup efforts, it's essential to have the right personal protective equipment for the job and the knowledge of how to use it.

    Visit 3M Center for Respiratory Protection

    Fit Testing Support for Healthcare Professionals

Need help finding something?

Our preparation and recovery expertise goes beyond what we’re able to share here—if you’re not finding the content you’re looking for, please let us know, so we can help get you what you need.

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Get the in-depth information you need to prepare for, respond to and recover from unexpected events.

  • 3M Emergency Preparedness Handbook
    Explore solutions for emergency preparedness to disasters and hazards
  • 3M Center for Respiratory Protection
    Tools to help safety programs achieve respiratory safety goals
  • PPE Guidance for Tornadoes & Earthquakes
    Response, recovery and clean-up options for PPE selection
  • COVID-19 Tech Talk
    Selecting and using the right disinfectant for specific surfaces
  • PPE Guidance for Floods & Hurricanes
    Above the Shoulders PPE for Flood and Hurricane Recovery
  • PPE Guidance for Wildfires
    PPE During Cleanup of Residential Wildfire Debris
  • Managed Inventory Best Practices
    Global Government Best Practices in Developing National PPE Stockpiles
  • Healthcare FAQ Tech Bulletin
    Filtering Facepiece Respirators FAQ: Healthcare

We partner with local, regional and federal agencies.

Find more disaster response and recovery information from some of the agencies we partner with to help you prepare a sustainable response plan.

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