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Be ready for whatever comes your way.

We can help you prepare for a successful response to and recovery from a natural disaster.


Preparing for a natural disaster.

Natural disasters usually occur quickly, giving time to do little more than brace for impact. That’s why it’s important to plan for them before they occur, so you’ll have the resources you need to protect people, clean up and get back to business. From floods to fires and hurricanes to tornadoes, everyone is vulnerable to the effects of a natural disaster. We can help you plan to have the right PPE and other supplies you’ll need on hand when your operation is impacted.

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    Wildfires pose an air quality health threat to those well outside of their paths. Having the right respiratory and other personal protective equipment on hand is crucial if you’re in an area susceptible to wildfires. We can help you plan for the adequate types and amounts of PPE you should have at the ready in the event of a wildfire—as well as cleaning, disinfecting and filtration products you’ll need for recovery.

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    Floods often occur very suddenly, sometimes turning entire communities into lakes. The waters may subside, but the hazards will remain. Not only do floods create enormous messes, they also create enormous health risks. Standing water and water damage are ideal environments for mold growth. Having an adequate stock of cleaning and disinfecting products, PPE and filtration products can help you recover quickly and safely.

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    The danger of hurricanes is obvious, but the hazards don’t end when the storm moves past. Cleaning up presents its own safety issues. As with floods, mold can develop quickly following a hurricane, posing a risk long after the storm is gone. Planning for the type and amount of respiratory protection you’ll need is essential in being prepared in the event of a hurricane.

How 3M can help you.

Before a natural disaster ever strikes, we'll be there to help you plan and prepare for the worst so your response can bring out the best. If and when the time comes, the value of engaging an established partner with “boots on the ground” like 3M will become even more clear.

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    Expansive Distribution

    Our substantial distribution footprint spans a wide variety of channels, giving us the ability to make products available to all types of businesses and organizations and keep purchasing simple.

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    Deep Expertise

    Part of our process is becoming an integral part of yours. We regularly send our experts to participate in planning and review sessions for our customers to serve as a strategic consultant on best practices for preparedness.

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    Sustainable Inventory Planning

    Most natural disasters leave you with no time for procurement of essential products like personal protective equipment, so we help organizations establish and manage a sustainable inventory plan and stockpile to help protect people and maintain business continuity in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster.

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    Fit Testing & Training

    Having essential products on-hand is only half of the challenge; your people also need to know how to use them properly to help ensure they are protected. That's why we provide a variety of options for fit testing PPE and training staff on appropriate use of equipment.

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