A red graphic wrap for social distancing, on the floor of a commercial building’s lobby, reads “Keep a 2 m distance.”
Take control of your space.

Help make social distancing easier for your customers.

Transform uncertainty into confidence with solutions for custom removable vinyl wayfinding floor graphics, indoor physical distancing markers and temporary signs for walls and windows.

Help address your customers’ and employees’ concerns about the coronavirus and COVID-19 with easy-to-understand floor, window and wall graphics that help them practice social distancing and gain vital information about your business. As social distancing guidelines may evolve, be sure to reference latest government recommendations.

floor signage in front of a grocery store automatic door reminding customers to keep a 6 foot distance.
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Helpful Resources to Reopen with Confidence

During this time of social distancing and fast-evolving cleaning protocols, it’s vital to show your commitment to safety - and to leading the way in an uncertain future. Our range of graphic options can literally show you - and your customers - the way forward. Check out how easy it is to get started.



  • This simple flyer can help you choose graphics solutions for walls, windows, floors and more.

  • Use these illustrations to quickly visualize how graphics can help you stay safe and look smart from day one.

  • Download common printable graphics to start taking control of our “new normal.”

  • Slips, trips, and falls are a major concern for facility managers. See the statistics that support using the right floor graphic solution.