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Suppress shock & vibration at the source.

With our engineered noise, vibration and harshness solutions, we can help brace your platform for isolated impact as well as withstanding challenging environmental conditions.


3M Noise, Vibration & Harshness (NVH) Solutions

Anything that vibrates, rattles or creates significant noise may pose a hazard to your people or a detriment to your performance—and we have the shock absorption and material solutions for virtually all of it.

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    Absorb and dissipate vibration and noises in metals, plastic, paneling, and many other irregular and curved surfaces and substrates with irregular geometries. Our acoustic insulation can deliver more absorption per unit weight than competitive products to help meet mass reduction goals, and our vibration damping tapes, absorbers, foams and composites can also be applied to not only help reduce NVH, but also do so in a way that yields a lighter weight or simplified manufacturing process.

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    Increasing power density, resisting abrasion, helping reduce noise—we can help you achieve your design goals and problem-solve with isolation tapes, shims and other solutions for your platform. Engineers have replaced rivets and metal fasteners with our viscoelastic 3M™ VHB™ tapes to overcome shock and vibration challenges in aircraft and vehicles for years. From wire harness tapes that can bond to irregular surfaces to NVH damping repair materials, we have a full suite of solutions available to help us enhance your design.

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