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We can help you significantly reduce the weight in your platform in ways you would never have thought possible.


3M Lightweighting Solutions

Cutting weight without sacrificing capability or durability is a specialty of ours. We can help your team reduce total vehicle weight while still meeting your project’s performance requirements.

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    Assembly, Joining & Bonding

    Enable streamlined production. Help reduce fuel consumption. Help protect against corrosion. Beyond producing a lighter vehicle or aircraft, these are just some of the proven possibilities when you use structural adhesive liquids, tapes and sealants from 3M in conjunction with—or to replace—mechanical fasteners in your next platform design. Whether they’re applied in an automated, semi-automated or manual application, they have helped customers save time, money and most importantly weight.

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    Metals, Plastics & Composites

    Replacing metals like stainless steel, supper alloys, tungsten carbides and more with ceramics or plastics can yield high strength, lighter weights and even heat shielding properties. From drive shafts, to fuel tanks, to seam sealing and building entire structures, explore our solutions like our advanced composites, structural surfacing films, or our glass bubbles that have helped to shed pounds and enable weight reductions of up to 15% in many forms.

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    Other Materials

    Our glass films and coatings, damping materials, acoustic absorbers and friction shims are solutions we leverage to provide functionality to your vehicle platform or to enhance your design for manufacturing. For example, our friction shims can transmit up to 4x higher torques while enabling more compact, lightweight joint designs, while our engineered damping materials have helped reduce vibration and structure-borne noises while making for a more flexible assembly process.

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