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Supporting the United States military in the air, on land and at sea.

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As an experienced partner, 3M is ready to tackle technical challenges together. We have the resources, technology, and expertise to create advanced solutions that help increase design flexibility, reduce costs, improve quality or keep your people safe. Count on us as your ally in keeping our country safe.

  • We understand a lot is at stake in obtaining funding and approval to build the military vehicles of the future. 3M is committed to helping you deliver on-time and on-budget, while meeting the military’s evolving requirements.

  • Military assets are built to last, but eventually they will need upgrades and maintenance. 3M is a long standing partner with key sustainment sites to help provide expertise in painting, metalworking, safety and other solutions that help reduce labor hours, improve quality and reduce costs.

  • Mission Ready means having the right equipment for your mission. Whether you are in direct combat operations or combat support operations, 3M has protective solutions to help increase your overall mission effectiveness and bring you home safely.

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    U.S. Government National Stock Numbers for 3M Products

    The NSN Locator is designed to help you determine if there is a 3M product for a given NSN, or if there is a NSN for a given 3M product.

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