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3M Design for Defense

3M’s trusted team of experts can collaborate with you to help overcome or avoid a variety of possible design challenges—often before they ever happen. Need to reduce weight without sacrificing durability? Looking to combat excessive heat buildup without limiting performance? Get it right from the start with thermal management, lightweighting, bonding & assembly, surface protection, and noise, vibration and harshness solutions from 3M. You can when we’re part of the team.

  • A wireframe model of heat buildup in a fighter jet

    Dissipating heat is no sweat for 3M. Our experts can troubleshoot excess heat issues before they occur, saving you valuable time, money and stress. Don’t let heat buildup put your project at risk. We can help you plan for it and problem-solve it across your platform with thermal management solutions for dissipating, insulating and tolerating heat, enabling you to pack more power into less space.

  • A wireframe model of a tank

    Cutting weight without sacrificing capability or durability is our specialty. We can help your team reduce total vehicle weight while still meeting your project’s performance requirements. No matter the platform, our material engineers have the real-world experience and outside the box thinking to help you significantly reduce weight in ways you never thought possible.

  • A person performs an inspection on a ship

    You can brace your platform for an isolated impact. You can build it to withstand challenging environmental conditions. Or, with our help, you can do both. Anything that vibrates, rattles or creates significant noise may pose a hazard to your people or a detriment to your performance—and we have the shock absorption and material solutions for virtually all of it.

  • A man works on an aircraft engine

    Whether it’s one component or the whole structure of your platform, we have adhesive solutions that can streamline your labor and manufacturing processes, reduce weight, improve yield and even help you towards meeting your sustainability goals. From metals to composites and everything in between, we can help you secure various materials with long-term hold strength or repositionability, and we can work with you to customize those solutions just for your application.

  • Closeup of a helicopter blade

    Our mission: Keep them flying, sailing and driving longer. We’ll look to improve the readiness of your platform design and help you find solutions—tapes, films, coatings, paint strengtheners and more—all to ensure it can withstand the harshest environmental conditions you can throw at it for as long as possible. When it’s time for repair, we’ll even help you deploy temporary protection solutions for asset preservation while you work to get it back in service.

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We help you find the right solutions across the entire continuum of tactical military platforms to ensure you can focus on your mission: serving and supporting the defense of our country.

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Industry News & Events

Learn more about recent events and news articles from 3M Government Markets.

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