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3M Surface Protection & Weathering Solutions

With the right material solutions, we help maximize the service life of your platform even in harsh and challenging environmental conditions. When it’s time to bring them back in for service, our temporary surface protection solutions can help you preserve your assets and keep everything running smoothly.

  • Fluoropolymers

    Every component must be built to prevent damage whenever possible while exposed to harsh conditions. Our proven solutions span electrical powder resins that protect and insulate metals, electronic grade coatings, adhesive sealants that repel water and dust, as well as other components requiring chemical resistance, weight reduction and thermal stability.

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    Not all damage can be prevented, but you can protect components to last longer and increase uptime and time between maintenance across your vehicle platforms. Erosion, corrosion, heat, weather, lightning strikes, chemicals, chafing between metals and composite plastics—we have helped designers address a wide variety of challenges with films, tapes, sealants and other materials in virtually every critical area of their design—and we can do the same for you.

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