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3M Defense Bonding & Assembly

Our adhesive solutions can help streamline your labor and manufacturing processes, reduce weight, improve yield and even help you towards meeting your sustainability goals. From metals to composites and everything in between, we can help you secure various materials with long-term hold strength or repositionability, and we can work with you to customize those solutions specifically for your application.

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    Sealing. Weatherstripping. Trim. Nameplates. Sensors. Seat cushions. Flooring. If it’s a component commonly found inside a vehicle or aircraft platform, we likely have a variety of tapes, reclosable fasteners, structural adhesives and liners to help make bonds that function precisely how you need them to. Many of our solutions can be die-cut and customized to meet the exact specifications of each component to help streamline the assembly process, minimize waste and make sure everything stays put.

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    From bonding display units, small joints, gaskets, powertrains, or even entire vehicle structures—we can help you ensure a strong, corrosion-resistant bond and streamlined assembly process between metals, composites, electronics and more. When environmental factors are a concern, we can help you design to mitigate hazards from heat, extended shock and vibration, and abrasion to help keep your platform operating at full capacity.

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Bonding you can believe in.

Did you know it’s possible to replace mechanical fasteners like rivets and welds with tape—and actually create a stronger bond? Believe it.

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  • *Authorization to Use: Ensure products meet all applicable specifications, standards, and maintenance manual requirements for the platform being worked on and validate all aircraft approvals against current technical documentation.