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Managing temperature. Managing Sound.

Advanced materials improve passenger comfort and the reliable operation of aircraft components.


Thermal Acoustic Systems

On the ground and at 30,000 feet, 3M thermal and acoustic solutions are engineered to lessen the vibration, lower the sound and take the heat. Materials are instrumental for passenger comfort, and for maintaining reliable operation of aircraft components – without adding weight. They include structural aircraft damping composites, thermally and acoustically tuned primary insulation, overframe blankets and conformable carpet pads for acoustic management. This is just the start. Learn more now.

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  • Acoustic Solutions

    Aearo Technologies LLC (Aearo), a 3M company, designs, tests and manufactures innovative, weight-efficient thermal acoustic systems for a broad range of aircraft. A pioneer in cabin comfort, Aearo utilizes a systems approach leveraging extensive in-house capabilities and an innovative portfolio of industry-leading proprietary materials engineered to control typical in-flight airborne noise and structural vibration over a wide range of temperature environments. Aearo’s material catalog includes fuselage damping tiles, bagged fiberglass, acoustic blankets, trim damping, barriers and carpet pad. These materials are available as roll/sheet goods or cut part kits, many of which hold Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA). Aearo holds Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) for thermal acoustic kits covering a broad range of business aircraft granted by both the FAA and EASA which are available shortly after ordering, reduce installation time and deliver world class performance.

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