Military Aircraft

Keeping Our Military Aircraft Flying

Improving metrics from nose to tail

  • Painting aluminum and steel requires scientifically crafted products – like 3M™ Cubitron™ Hookit ll Clean Sanding Abrasive Disks that cut at least 30% faster and last at least 30% longer than conventional ceramic abrasives. Or Scotch® Performance Masking Tape 233+ that easily curves to create sharp paint lines. And our 3MTM PPSTM Paint Preparation System (PPS) that makes your painting process cleaner and faster.

    Look to 3M for abrasives, masking solutions, surface prep and adhesion promoters, and equipment for specialized paint applications. Your job just got easier…with improved results.

  • From cutting and grinding to polishing, finishing, sanding, cleaning and everything in between, metalworking requires innovative abrasive system solutions that make your job simpler, safer and more comfortable—with faster, better results.

    Like 3M™ Cubitron™ ll Abrasives - the result of decades of advances in ceramic abrasive and microreplication technologies to cut faster, last longer, and help lower your production costs.

  • Throughout the aircraft maintenance and repair process, the health and safety of your workers always comes first. 3M can help—with integrated solutions that work together from respiratory, hearing and eye protection to hard hats, communication solutions and fall protection systems.

    Check out our safety eyewear line with 3M™ Scotchgard™ Protector Anti-Fog Coating, designed to keep lenses clear of fog and steam – even when you are in hot and humid conditions or climate-controlled areas. Or, check out 3M Hearing Solutions for aerospace to help ensure your entire crew is protected while they communicate effectively.

Preventing corrosion during aircraft downtime

  • When you store fixed or rotary wing aircraft for the long term, corrosion prevention is the #1 priority. 3M surface protection systems help future proof your aircraft by guarding them from the eroding effects of sun, wind, rain and sand—for the ultimate in corrosion control. If corrosion happens, our abrasive systems help easily remove it so you can complete repairs and quickly get your tactical aircraft flight ready.

  • When your aircraft is out of rotation and waiting to be worked on, you’ll want to make sure no further corrosion or breakdown of parts takes place while it’s in the queue. Preservation tape over seams or gaps can make all the difference for corrosion protection, especially in harsh weather conditions. Knowing 3M tapes will remove easily without leaving residue behind makes your life easier, too.

Aircraft Design & Manufacturing

  • Industrial Manufacturing team work on military aircraft in hanger

    When you’re creating the world’s best aircraft, it makes sense to turn to best-in-class products as you design and manufacture at optimum quality. 3M science and technology can help with impact protection, rotor blade protection, corrosion protection, surface protection, thermal management, lightweighting and more. Together we can imagine what’s next and create a brighter future.

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