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3M Structural Solutions for Automotive OEM

Structural adhesive liquid and tape solutions for automated, semi-automated or manual application


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Structural Adhesives for Body-in-White Applications

Strengthen bondlines and simplify the manufacturing process. Structural adhesives from 3M are designed to help automotive OEMs enhance or even replace welds, nuts, bolts and other mechanical fasteners used in BIW applications. They enhance multi-material bonding capabilities – aluminum, structural steel and lightweight composites to name a few – and are suitable for bonding primary structures and hang-on parts like doors, tailgates and hoods. They are two-part adhesives that cure at room temperature, helping OEMs reduce energy and emissions throughout the BIW assembly process. By increasing stiffness and enabling more robust bondlines, they also help mitigate NVH.

diagram that shows where adhesives can be applied in the following car segments: front fender, floor panel, AB&C pillers, sill, sash, trunk, and hemflange

Explore Adhesives for BIW Applications

  • Liquid adhesive being applied on body-in-white applications

    Increase design flexibility with liquid structural adhesives from 3M, suitable for a wide array of BIW applications. Our epoxy and acrylic adhesives are formulated to work with high-strength steel and aluminum – ideal for hem bonding of hoods, trunks and doors.

    Many adhesives cure at low temperatures (from room temperature to induction curing at as low as 80°C), making them excellent for bonding composites such as carbon-fiber-reinforced polymers without panel distortion or resin degradation. Plus, bonded substructures can be stored for weeks or even months after induction.

    3M™ Two Part Structural Adhesives for OEM & Tier

  • 3M Structural Adhesive Tapes being applied on a body-in-white piece.

    Quick, simple and clean, 3M™ Structural Adhesive Tapes facilitate BIW structural joining processes where high precision and accuracy are critical. They can be applied without pumping, dosing or squeeze-out and are compatible with most draw and lube oils. Tapes cure in standard automotive bake cycles and e-coat ovens and can even expand during cure to fill and seal gaps.

    3M™ Structural Isolation Tape SIT2010 is ideal for BIW applications. It is a durable, single-sided, abrasion-resistant and electrically insulating isolator that helps bond dissimilar materials and prevent galvanic corrosion while simplifying the service and dismantling processes. It structurally bonds to a variety of substrates and surfaces, cures in existing bake cycles and can bond through standard stamping/drawing lubricants without surface treatments.

    3M™ Structural Adhesive Tape SAT1010


Structural Adhesives for Chassis Applications

Maximize design freedom. 3M™ Structural Adhesives bond to a variety of surfaces to dramatically expand the range of materials and constructions usable in chassis assemblies. Consider replacing welding, riveting and mechanical fasteners with advanced structural adhesives for reduced weight, more efficient processing and reduced assembly time and cost. Reliably bond battery packs to vehicle structures, streamlining xEV assembly. Achieve your impact resistance, lightweighting, bond strength and emission-reduction goals in ways never before possible.

diagram that shows how chassis can be bonded with similar materials

Explore Adhesives for Chassis Applications

  • Liquid adhesive being applied on body-in-white applications

    Featuring extremely flexible work times alongside high shear and peel strength, epoxy and acrylic liquid structural adhesives from 3M can be used in conjunction with – or even in place of – mechanical fasteners for chassis components. Epoxies offer excellent heat and chemical resistance as well as resistance to solvents and weathering. Epoxies and acrylics also provide consistent wet-out across uneven surfaces, making them ideal for reinforcing metal-stamped parts during the body–chassis assembly.

  • Pink roll of automotive structural adhesive tape

    Combine high structural bonding strength for chassis assembly with a cleaner application than comparable liquid adhesives. 3M™ Structural Adhesive Tape SAT1010M is a single-layer epoxy-based tape applied during production. It is designed to facilitate the bonding of dissimilar chassis materials while helping you reduce application variability and simplify production.

    3M™ Structural Isolation Tape SIT2010 helps prevent galvanic corrosion between dissimilar materials. It is a durable, abrasion-resistant isolator fully compatible with e-coat bath and cure processes. It is easily applied to non-flat chassis surfaces and can be die cut or customized to your exact specifications.

EV Battery

Structural Adhesives for xEV Battery Applications

Push the boundaries of xEV range and performance. 3M™ Structural Adhesives have been tested and used in numerous xEV battery applications including battery boxes, stiffeners, end plates, pressure plates and lid bonding. They support battery design trends like cell-to-pack and help address key assembly challenges such as reducing heat during assembly, bonding of dissimilar materials and lightweighting. Our adhesives combine structural strength and mechanical flexibility to help provide stability and alignment within the battery pack.

diagram that shows where adhesives can be used in the battery: both in the cold plate to eliminate brazing and the battery tray

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Structural Bonding Tapes for Glass Applications

Effective glass assembly comes down to three things: bonding, sealing and isolation. Get the complete package with 3M™ Structural Bonding Tapes. Our tapes incorporate advanced adhesives designed to bond quickly to glass with no added fixturing needed. The tapes are die-cut and pre-applied to hardware such as rearview mirror components and sensor brackets to improve process efficiency.

image of a car highlighted to show fastening solutions

Explore Glass Applications

  • Attach rearview mirrors with confidence. Mirror buttons are supplied pre-taped with 3M™ Structural Bonding Tape to facilitate manual and automated manufacturing processes as well as available autoclave processes. Our tapes form an exceptional bond with glass that can withstand hot, humid environments, promoting image stability while helping minimize consumer-related warranty issues.

  • Ideal for improving automotive plant productivity, rain sensor brackets can be supplied pre-taped with 3M™ Structural Bonding Tape for easy, out-of-the-box windshield application. The tape incorporates pressure-sensitive adhesive to ensure immediate attachment of components to glass; heat curing completes the bonding process. They are compatible with manual and automated manufacturing processes as well as commercially available autoclave processes.

Featured products

You imagine it. You make it. We help you make it better. Structural adhesives from 3M can assist with bond strength, lightweighting, corrosion protection, impact resistance and much more. Use them to strengthen and secure mechanical fasteners; in many cases, the mechanical fasteners can be replaced altogether. Structural adhesives can also save significant time and money during production by enabling mixed materials, reducing panel fatigue and resin degradation, filling gaps, managing NVH and eliminating process steps.

3M™ Structural Adhesives come in varying chemistries and formats and are usable in multiple areas of the vehicle. Our experts are happy to help you determine the right structural adhesive solution for your specific needs, including automated applications.

  • Wide shot of orange structural adhesives application demo on black surface
    3M™ Structural Adhesives

    Flexible and simple to use, our one- and two-component structural adhesive liquids deliver flexible working times and variable cure rates. Most can be incorporated into existing processes without additional equipment or process steps.

    Featured Structural Adhesive:

  • Structural tapes being used in a body-in-white structural joining application
    3M™ Structural Adhesive Tapes

    Quick, simple and clean, our structural tapes are excellent for body-in-white structural joining processes. Electrically isolating adhesive tapes cure in standard e-coat ovens and expand to fill gaps, which helps prevent corrosion of all types.

    Featured Structural Adhesive Tapes:

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