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A new era of semiconductor manufacturing

Find a solution that’s formulated for the future with 3M advanced packaging solutions.

Semiconductor advanced packaging and industry trends

Global megatrends in 5G, IoT, autonomous driving, and augmented and virtual reality are driving more diversification and functionality on devices, which need to be designed with higher computing speeds, lower power consumption and smaller size — all at less cost. Moore’s Law scaling has also slowed in recent years, with the latest technology nodes no longer bringing similar cost benefits to legacy nodes. These factors, combined with rising design costs and integration complexity, have many IC manufacturers searching for new ways to drive value. Advanced packaging has emerged as a viable solution, providing reduced design time and cost, along with enhanced chip performance.

The adoption of advanced packaging brings new materials, process, and integration requirements, including better performance, reliability and productivity. As a global leader in adhesive technologies with more than 100 years of problem-solving solutions, 3M can help you address challenges in temporary bonding/debonding and process protection — critical first steps toward the future of semiconductor manufacturing.

It takes a team to find the right advanced packaging materials — 3M can help

  • At 3M, we’re more than just a product solution. We’re a global network of material scientists and product developers who understand your semiconductor advanced IC packaging needs. Our team can help identify materials for current processes, or work to formulate a solution that will help you usher in a new era of efficient and effective manufacturing for your organization.

    3M research and development labs and manufacturing facilities provide additional global support, which means solutions — from testing, to product qualification and launch — are always within reach.

  • What is semiconductor advanced packaging?

    Advanced packaging is a term for specific methods of packaging chips. The key difference in advanced versus traditional packaging is how chips are connected to enable high device density and expanding functionality in a smaller footprint. Through-silicon vias (TSVs), bridges, interposers, or wires are used to form larger connections, resulting in increased signal speed and less energy consumption. Methods include fan-out wafer-level packaging (FOWLP), fan-out panel-level packaging (FOPLP), heterogeneous integration, 2.5D, 3D-IC, embedded die in substrate and system-in-package (SiP), among others.

3M semiconductor advanced packaging solutions

Optimize current advanced packaging processes or take your manufacturing to the next level with advanced packaging bonding solutions from 3M. Materials for temporary bonding/debonding and process protection can help handle and protect wafers and key components during intense processing steps, so you can have more design flexibility, reduce costs and improve yield.

  • See better consistency and improve yield from wafer- and panel-level packaging and related processes with existing and future 3M temporary bonding and debonding solutions. 3M strives to offer materials with excellent thermal stability, chemical resistance to varying process chemistries, and easy removal.

  • When complex surfaces require specialized adhesives for process protection, 3M solutions are ready to go to work. Our adhesive products are intended to offer exceptional protection during high-temperature processes and are anticipated to increase efficiency in wafer bumping.

Whitepaper and presentation: Laser-releasable temporary bonding film with high thermal stability

  • Whitepaper and desktop icon.

    Authors: Yong-suk Yang, Kyo-sung Hwang, Robin Gorrell

    3M laser-releasable temporary bonding film supports bonding between semiconductor device and carrier with excellent adhesion. The benefits of process simplicity and the high level of material heat tolerance achieved with the 3M technology are well-aligned with the current direction of packaging technology, with the film format allowing for processing of either wafers or large panels. 3M laser-releasable temporary bonding film employs a glass carrier. Laser scanning through the glass carrier enables separation of the carrier without physical stress, allowing thin materials to be easily removed from the carrier without physical damage. The heat resistance of the 3M temporary bonding film of up to 250 degrees Celsius for an extended period allows precise passivation layer curing and sputtering processes. With the 3M temporary bonding film, process designers will be able to implement package production processes with a wide process margin and superior quality.

    Watch on video:Arrow Laser-releasable temporary bonding film with high thermal stability presentation

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3M innovation in semiconductor advanced packaging

3M has delivered innovative bonding solutions for the semiconductor manufacturing industry for more than 50 years. In 1997, we secured our first patent in adhesive technology that would develop into one of our latest advanced IC packaging products. Since then, we’ve focused on navigating market trends and overcoming material challenges to help drive IC manufacturing forward.

We pioneered the 3M™ Wafer Support System (3M WSS) — a complete, cost-effective solution for high-volume manufacturing of ultrathin wafers for IGBT and related applications. This technology has helped customers create new stacked wafer designs and experience the performance benefits of fan-out wafer- and panel-level packages.

More recently, 3M™ Light-To-Heat Conversion Release Coating (LTHC Ink), a key feature of the 3M WSS, was chosen for one of the first high-volume FOWLP endeavors, resulting in a mass-produced handheld device featuring a slim profile and the latest mobile technology.

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    Making milestones

    • Our innovation in advanced IC packaging is driven by close collaboration between 3M material experts and our global research and development facilities. This integrated system of technical expertise, customer insight and the willingness to explore unconventional technologies provides the foundation for every new material we deliver.

    • Looking ahead, we’re working on a range of solutions for the latest material challenges. These innovations include materials with better thermal performance for advanced packaging methods, adhesives for protecting sensors built using complex substrates and materials for better protecting solder bumps during processing.

    • We’re proud of where we’ve innovated in IC manufacturing and are using our experience to influence where we’re going — let’s reach the next milestone together.

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