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Closeup of 3M Carrier and Cover Tapes with micro components and chips with tweezers for perspective
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Advanced semiconductor tape-and-reel transport solutions from 3M

With rising demand for smaller and thinner components and multi-die stacks, as well as the need for individual chip tracking, true success in wafer level chip scale packaging (WLCSP) requires effective solutions all the way through storage and transport to your customers.

Our latest semiconductor chip transport solutions start with carrier tapes to help prevent chip migration in thin package applications. They also include exciting capabilities for pre-barcoding that can help customers save time and improve crucial data analysis. Plus, we provide a comprehensive range of standard and custom cover tapes and precision carrier tapes to maximize yield even for irregular die sizes and pocket shapes.

Chiplet design – a response and a driver for smaller, thinner chips

  • Graph showing a decrease in pocket height since 2016.

    Source: 3M tooling center

  • Pocket sizes have decreased dramatically in less than a decade. One way manufacturers are responding is through chiplet design: dividing one monolithic die into multiple smaller dies to form a catalog of “chiplets.” Manufacturers can “mix-and-match” these chiplets into single packages, reducing the need for expensive leading tech node by chiplet partitioning.

    Chiplet integration allows for novel constructions using re-distribution layer (RDL), Si interposers and substrates associated with advanced packages, as well as integration platforms such as 2.5D/3D, fan-out and high-density flip-chip designs. It also creates greater challenges for successful chip transportation. What are the solutions?

Solutions for a broad range of tape and reel challenges

Versatile carrier tapes and cover tapes for semiconductor transport

  • Shrinking components require sturdy carrier tapes with precise pocket formation to help reduce the risk of component tilt, flip or migration that can lead to component damage and downtime in the pick and place process. 3M offers a full array of non-conductive and static dissipative products with precision pocket designs for various components. We can also custom design a carrier tape to accommodate your specific needs and help ensure a smooth taping and pick and place process.

  • 3M™ Cover Tapes seal 3M component carrier tapes to help protect electrical and electronic components during transport and storage. Our cover tapes offer excellent sealing properties and smooth peel force to help ensure efficient pick and place operations. The full 3M line of cover tapes includes non-conductive and static dissipative products with heat activated (HAA) or pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs).

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