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24 Products



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3M™ Cold Shrink Coax Sealing Kits 98-KC 3M™ Cold Shrink Shielded Splice Kits 5550 Series 3M™ Cold Shrink Splice Jacket Kits 3M™ SJ Cold Shrink Foldback Splice Jacket Kits 3M™ Stacked Sleeve Splice Jacket Kits 3M™ Scotchcast™ Cold Shrink Inline Splice Kits 5760 Series 3M™ Cold Shrink Quick Splice Kits QSLV-M Series 3M™ Scotchcast™ Mine and Portable Cable Splicing Kits 8096 Series 3M™ PILC Splice Kits 3M™ Cold Shrink Inline Splice Kits 5740 Series 3M™ Cold Shrink Branch Splice Adapter Kits 3M™ Cold Shrink Inline Splice Kits 5730 Series 3M™ Cold Shrink Mine and Portable Splice Kits 3M™ Scotchcast™ Jacket Repair Kit M-40, Standard and Portable Cable, 15-35 kV, Cable Dia. Range 1.85-6.00 in (4,70-15,24 cm), 1 kit/case 3M™ Cold Shrink Splice Transition Kits 3M™ Cold Shrink Splice Kit QS2012T-350, Tape, Wire, Unishield, 15 kV, Poly/EPR; Paper Insulated Lead Covered (PILC), 1 per case 3M™ Cold Shrink Transition Splice Kit QS2012-3T-WS, Tape, Wire, UniShield®, EP-Lead or XLP-Lead, 1/case 3M™ Scotchcast™ Cold Shrink Inline Splice Kits 5750 Series 3M™ Cold Shrink Splice Kit 5551-3C-AC 3M™ Cold Shrink Portable Cable Splice Kit 2237A Series 3M™ Cold Shrink Splice QS2000B 3M™ Cold Shrink QS4 Integrated Splice Kits 3M™ Cold Shrink QS-III Splice Kits 5477A Splice Body
3M Cold Shrink Splices
It's time to unwind

3M electrical splices feature cold shrink technology, which is engineered for easy installation by unwinding the inner core.

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    Reduce the time, labor and cost that comes with electrical cable splicing.

    3M Electrical Splices offer reliability and ease of use when tackling a wide range of installations and voltages. The 3M electrical splice product line covers splicing needs from 1000 V to 145 kV Class and utilizes field-proven technologies to provide dependable performance, stability and durability with every splice you make.

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