Hurricanes, Floods and Personal Protective Equipment

Hurricanes, Floods and Personal Protective Equipment

You prepare for large scale public health events and natural disasters. 3M offers the support you need before, during and after a crisis.

  • Hurricane PPE
    Hurricanes: Be Prepared with Your Respiratory Protection Ahead of Time

    Is your respiratory protection program ready in case a hurricane hits? Do you have the respiratory protection you might need to assist in recovery efforts? 

    Validating the type, amount and robustness of your respiratory protection products could be essential to help you and your team be prepared on the respiratory protection front in the event of hurricanes.

    Learn more about hurricane respiratory protection preparation 

  • Flood & Hurricane Cleanup PPE
    Protecting Yourself Properly During Hurricane Cleanup

    The wind, the water, the destruction, the displacement. It is one thing to survive a major weather event, it is quite another to then begin the process of cleaning up the devastation.

    Where do you start? You protected yourself from the storm, now how do you protect yourself from the aftermath?

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  • Mold Removal PPE
    Protecting Yourself from Mold During Hurricane Cleanup

    Cleaning up from a hurricane is often a long and painful process. The effects can continue long after the storm is gone.

    One of those hazards that can continue to grow and affect structures as well as your health is mold. Mold can often result from the flooding and standing water that is part of the wretched aftermath of a hurricane.

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  • Flood & Hurricane Cleanup Respirators
    Choosing the Right Respirator for Hurricane Cleanup Efforts

    The dangers of a hurricane are one thing. But, the hazards do not end there. The cleanup process can present its own problems.

    One of those concerns is often how to protect workers who need to find the right respiratory safeguards to help them during cleanup efforts.

    The following is a Q+A to help you select the right type of respiratory protection.

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Hurricane & Flood Resources

Weather conditions can cause significant flooding. Floods offer safety challenges relative to cleaning, remediation, recovery, restoration, and rebuilding of residential and commercial property.

Consult 3M's tools and resources for learning more about personal safety in flood hazards and clean-up. Following are a few resources regarding flood hazards and mold clean-up. You can also search other resources for more information, including your local health departments.