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The science of EMI and improved signal integrity

Help boost signal-to-noise ratios in consumer electronics devices with industry-leading electrically conductive tapes.


Conductive tapes for consumer electronics EMI management

You’re a problem solver. When electromagnetic interference (EMI) design challenges arise, you walk the line between maximizing device performance and controlling material costs. And with the expansion of 5G, solving EMI problems is more critical than ever. Today’s devices have flexible OLED displays, overlapping frequency bands and numerous RF components on the PCB. Consumers demand speed, functionality and reliability — without an increased price.

Help manage EMI and enhance signal integrity while saving space and cost with 3M™ Electrically Conductive Tapes. These “intelligent tapes” integrate powerful EMI shielding and grounding directly into your device and can be added late in the design process with virtually no electrical system redesign required. They can help control internal passive intermodulation (PIM) and boost signal-to-noise ratios in cell phones, tablets, augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) devices and more. 3M brings decades of expertise in consumer electronics and materials science to help you solve EMI problems today and into the future.

PIM reduction in consumer electronics devices

  • Chart displaying reduction of PIM/Hz in devices without 3M™ Conductive Adhesives
    Initial PIM/Hx without conductive adhesives from 3M
  • Chart displaying reduction of PIM/Hz in devices with 3M™ Conductive Adhesives
    Initial PIM/Hx with conductive adhesives from 3M

PIM is a major source of signal noise in consumer electronics devices. It may result from poor contacts, dissimilar metal junctions, corrosion or other causes of nonlinear electronic behavior. Today’s RF devices employ large and increasing data densities, making PIM reduction exceptionally difficult.

Conductive adhesives from 3M provide excellent EMI shielding and stable contact resistance (< 0.1 Ω with a 1 cm2 contact area) to help you mitigate PIM and maximize signal integrity. This test configuration examines the power level of PIM associated with a junction in a PCB. The test substrate is a stainless-steel plate. Without shielding materials, −90 to −100 dBc of PIM is measured. But with a conductive tape from 3M applied at the grounding junction, PIM drops to −104 to −116 dBc. Harmonics generated are reduced even more dramatically in this test configuration.

Manage EMI in display modules, camera modules in mobile devices

Display module grounding

  • Graphic showing 3M™ Conductive Adhesives in display module grounding.

    For eye-popping clarity

    A device is only as good as its display. Cutting-edge features mean little if the user can’t see what’s going on or can’t operate the touch panel. And with more products incorporating sophisticated OLEDs and microLEDs, display module grounding is essential to reliable device performance.

    Help protect your displays by integrating industry-proven EMI materials into your design. Conductive adhesives from 3M provide excellent grounding between substrates and an EMI shielding performance of 60 dB or greater at specific frequencies. They can help reduce noise between the touch panel and LCD unit and are Z-conductive through the adhesive for reliable contact to small grounding areas.

    Featured products:

    3M™ Electrically Conductive Single-Sided Tape 3304BC-S

    3M™ Electrically Conductive Single-Sided Tape CEF-3BV

Accessory grounding

  • Graphic showing 3M™ Conductive Adhesives in accessory grounding.

    Signal integrity inside and out

    A device is more than the sum of its parts. From microphones to Bluetooth to an assortment of plug-in parts, many different accessories help make a smartphone, tablet or PC what it is. They’re all made possible by highly versatile and conformable grounding solutions.

    Manage EMI and boost signal performance in your device accessories and components with the help of our broad spectrum of conductive adhesives. They provide powerful shielding in the bond line gap, fit various components and conform well to curved surfaces with complex form factors.

    Featured products:

    3M™ Electrically Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tape 9701

    3M™ Electrically Conductive Double-Sided Tape 9711S Series

Camera module grounding

  • Graphic showing 3M™ Conductive Adhesives in camera module grounding.

    For crystal-clear memories

    Camera modules are about precision. They must function optimally at all times to capture life’s most important moments. Nobody wants their graduation or wedding photos clouded by an improperly grounded camera.

    Help make crystal-clear memories with camera module grounding solutions from 3M. Our conductive tapes are available in isotropic (XYZ conductivity) and anisotropic (Z-axis conductivity with XY-axis insulation) varieties to provide grounding exactly where you need it without shorting adjacent circuitry. They work with medium-pitch flexible circuits, rigid printed circuit boards, LCD screens and other camera module components.

    Featured products:

    3M™ Electrically Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tape 9703

    3M™ Electrically Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tape 9719

Shield can lids

  • Graphic showing 3M™ Conductive Adhesives in shield can lids.

    Maximize shielding. Minimize part size.

    Consumer electronics must strike the optimal balance of functionality, reliability and sleek, stylish design. As devices become more compact and complex, many sensitive components must fit into ever-tighter spaces. Every little bit of space counts — EMI shielding materials included.

    Optimize your design by replacing large shield can lids with sleek and slim conductive adhesives from 3M. Featuring a conductive particle filler and nonwoven carrier, our tapes provide comparable shielding to metal components while saving space, weight and cost. They are flexible and conformable to help you eliminate gaps in the Faraday cage design while expanding design freedom.

    Featured products:

    3M™ Electrically Conductive Single-Sided Tape 3304BC-S

FPCB and other applications

  • Graphic showing 3M™ Conductive Adhesives in flexible PCB applications.

    Flex circuits, antennas and more

    From flexible printed circuits to antennas and various components in between, devices are more complex and compact than ever. Many parts are placed in close proximity on the PCB, increasing the risk of cross talk. Low-PIM grounding materials that reduce the electric potential energy of signal lines are essential to mitigate noise and maximize signal integrity.

    EMI shielding and grounding materials from 3M are flexible and versatile to work with a wide range of applications: medium-pitch flexible circuits, PCB-to-flex grounding, antenna grounding and more. Available in nonwoven fiber or conductive particle constructions, they feature a unique conductive adhesive structure that optimizes electrical contact points on the adhesive surface.

    Featured products:

    3M™ Electrically Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tape 9701

    3M™ Electrically Conductive Double-Sided Tape 9711S Series

Control EMI in extended reality devices

  • Extended reality (XR) devices enable exciting new ways to work and play. Collaborate with coworkers across the world on your latest project, then take the group on a tour of Ancient Rome over lunch. Whatever you imagine, it's advanced XR technology that can help make it possible.

    Whether you’re working on a VR/mixed reality (MR) headset, AR glasses or handhelds, 3M™ Electrically Conductive Tapes can help you control EMI and keep components performing at their full potential — even in tight spaces.

    Let’s get to work. From initial research to final testing, our experts will work with you to discuss technical specifications, walk through product usage and help find a solution for your specific application.

    More extended reality solutions:

  • (SPEECH) [UPBEAT MUSIC] (DESCRIPTION) Logo, 3M. Science. Applied to Life. Text, Make extended reality everyday reality. Streamlined headsets. Improved device performance. Next-level optics. E M I Management. Boost signal integrity ... in challenging condensed device designs ... even in small contact areas. Grounding to cover. Cable wrap for shield and grounding. Camera and PCB shielding. Display FPC shielding. So C/chipset shielding can fence. FPC stiffener grounding. Logo, 3M. Science. Applied to Life. Text, 3M dot com slash ARVR. The information contained in this video is intended for industrial/occupational use by persons with the knowledge and technical skills to use such information. It is supplemental only and is not intended to replace the detailed information found in written 3M product instruction and installation manuals. For additional information, including important safety and warranty information regarding 3M products, see the product literature available upon request and on our website.

    Video thumbnail of the inside of a VR/AR headset
Signal integrity

  • Side and front view of 3M CPSA bonding a grounding surface to an FPC
    3M™ Electrically Conductive Tapes perform three functions: EMI shielding, grounding and bonding

    Connect to new realities with confidence

    High-functioning XR devices are the key to experiencing new immersive realities. That means more integrated antenna structures emitting high-frequency waves for rapid video and data processing, overlapping frequencies, sensors, and increased power to amplify signals.

    Unique and complex electrical systems in XR devices bring increased risk for EMI/RFI. 3M™ Electrically Conductive Tapes provide grounding and shielding for different applications to help you reduce the signal-to-noise ratio and drive performance.

    Potential applications:

    • Antenna (emitting diode/components of frequencies) shielding and grounding
    • Camera and PCB shielding
    • Shield can lid replacement

    Featured products:

    3M™ Electrically Conductive Single-Sided Tape 3304BC-S

    3M™ Electrically Conductive Tape 5113DFT

Small contact area designs

  • 3M electrically conductive tape boosting EMI performance on VR/MR headsets
    Boost EMI performance in different areas of compact VR/MR headsets

    Unify design and function

    Today’s XR devices need to be designed with brand-defining aesthetics and lightweight wearability. Small contact areas bring EMI culprits closer to susceptible components, creating signal-to-noise issues. There are also small grounding areas and thin bond lines where traditional materials won’t suffice.

    Don’t let condensed form factors threaten overall device performance. 3M™ Electrically Conductive Tapes bring grounding and shielding solutions with XYZ conductivity to designs with space constraints.

    Potential applications:

    • Bond line gaps
    • Component shielding and grounding
    • Display wrap grounding

    Featured products:

    3M™ Electrically Conductive Single-Sided Tape 3304BC-S

Robust shielding for small grounding areas

  • Our high-performance conductive adhesives possess shielding capabilities far beyond conventional EMI materials. In the following demonstration, a device emitting a 2.4 GHz signal is placed in a 1.0 mm sidewall metal box and sealed with various materials.

    In the first try, copper foil plus a standard conductive adhesive has no noticeable effect on the signal. In the second try, high-performance 3M™ Electrically Conductive Single-Sided Tape 3304BC-S effectively blocks the signal. It provides robust, high-frequency shielding alongside reliable electrical contact for small grounding areas.


    Video demonstrating 3M™ Conductive Adhesives in small devices.


EMC compliance and the future of consumer electronics

  • Tourist using his phone in a crowded area.

    In the dynamic world of consumer electronics, change is the only constant. Every year, devices become smaller, slimmer and more sophisticated. They use extremely-high-frequency millimeter waves, feature OLED or microLED screens and include chips, integrated antennas and other components in close proximity. Shielding, grounding and absorbing materials to help meet electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements are the backbone of modern device design. Effective EMC materials must provide:

    • Shielding at the bond line gap to minimize cross talk
    • Optimized Faraday cages — no gaps, slits or slots
    • Grounding to reduce grounding bias and mitigate background noise
    • Strong flex grounding for antenna flex and other small grounding areas
    • Low contact resistance to boost signal-to-noise ratios and support high frequencies with low signal power

    3M is developing the next generation of EMC solutions for an evolving electronics market. Built on decades of experience in materials science, our portfolio offerings span from conductive adhesives to absorbers, conductive gaskets, anisotropic conductive films (ACFs) and more. They are known worldwide for exceptional noise reduction and can be easily applied to a wide range of applications and devices. Tell us how we can help you.

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