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Whether you need a bonding solution or a spark of inspiration, 3M is here to help find the right bonding solution for you.


Consumer electronics bonding solutions from 3M

At 3M, we’re known for our tapes, but we’re so much more. We’re a global team by your side from concept to manufacturing. Like you, we have our eye on the future — devices optimized for the IoT, 5G and beyond — and we want to help you navigate it. Whether you’re developing a smartphone, bluetooth speaker, wearable, smart home device, or simply need a spark of inspiration, 3M is here to help with a full range of products. From thin bonding double-sided tapes, adhesive transfer tapes, to foam tapes and liquid adhesives, our market-proven selection of consumer electronics solutions are designed with your needs in mind, so you can keep moving forward.

We understand your design challenges. From impact resistance, to waterproofing and reworkability, we rigorously test our tapes and liquid adhesives and provide the data you need to help predict material behavior. We bring together science and state-of-the-art testing so there’s less time worrying about material capabilities and more time focusing on what your customers desire most — a reliable device with unhindered functionality.

Explore electronic adhesives by design challenge, capability or smart device

  • a collection of multiple smart devices including smart phones, smart watches and wearables, an AR/VR headset, tablets, and smart speakers.
    Device design challenges

    Impact resistance, chemical resistance, hard-to-bond surfaces and more.

  • a person holding a tablet while tapping the screen of a smart phone which rests on a laptop.
    Electronic adhesive capabilities

    Enclosure bonding, display bonding, FPC bonding and camera lens bonding.

  • a woman holding a smart phone and dancing to the music of her wireless headphones.
    Smart devices

    Smart speakers and smart displays, smart security, wearables and more.

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Looking for a Tape or Liquid Adhesive?

Compare 3M bonding solutions based on your design parameters. From tapes to liquids to virtually everything in between. Find the right 3M bonding solution for you.


  • 3M has developed Material Data Cards (MDCs) for common 3M pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) for use with many commercially available FEA software applications.

  • Learn more from 3M experts through frequently asked questions, technical data sheets and technical videos.


Why choose electronics bonding solutions from 3M

  • two experts in a factory discuss smart device screens which are laid out before them.

    In-depth industry expertise
    Our state-of-the-art research and development facilities enable collaborative solutions drawn from our 46 technology platforms. Our combined expertise in electronics, adhesives and materials science will help you turn your dreams into reality.

    • Comprehensive testing
      Our in-house lab capabilities comprise a spectrum of test methods to gather predictive data: from general 180-degree peel, shear/tensile rheology and dynamic shear tests to methods we’ve developed ourselves.

    • Broad portfolio
      Our wide spectrum of bonding solutions helps ensure that you find just the right adhesive for your bonding needs.

    • Technical experts
      Building on our long legacy of bench-to-bench customer engagement, 3M strives to collaborate directly with design, engineering and manufacturing professionals.

    • Global coverage
      3M’s global presence – including global sales coverage and technical support – provides you with outstanding service from concept to manufacturing.

Your solution awaits

The world of consumer electronics moves fast. Be ready for it.


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