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Inspiration for your next device design

Sturdier components, cleaner signals and brighter displays are essential to consumer electronic devices. Our electronics bonding solutions, EMI materials, optical films and more will help you design your best devices.


Solutions for consumer electronics devices today and tomorrow

  • Consumer electronics devices are built on a foundation of innovation and collaboration. An expert product design engineer can solve certain problems. But when that expert partners with an EMI/EMC engineer, optical engineer and other materials specialists, they can determine the optimal method to solve many different problems at once. This saves time and cost while expanding design freedom and efficiency.

    From extended reality devices to smartphones and beyond, design your best devices by drawing from decades of expertise across multiple industries. At 3M, our specialties include device assembly tapes and adhesives, EMI/EMC management, display materials, thermal management, shock and vibration protection, abrasives and more.

    Whether you’re launching a project or putting the finishing touches on your prized design, look to 3M for inspiration for your next device design.

Electronics bonding, EMI management and optical solutions

  • From laptops to smartwatches, devices go where we go — and must be built tough. Bond low-surface-energy substrates and complex form factors with electronic adhesives from 3M. Our broad portfolio offering of bonding solutions can provide robust adhesion and powerful impact, water and chemical resistance to help you meet your precise design needs.

  • Managing electromagnetic interference requires a delicate balance of strong shielding and grounding, small size and cost effectiveness. Our conductive tapes provide powerful EMI mitigation with no electrical system redesign required. They help control passive intermodulation (PIM) and boost signal-to-noise ratios in a wide range of devices.

  • Brighter, bolder screens with deep, rich colors. Enhanced sensing capabilities. Slim, simplified designs. Optical films and optically clear adhesives (OCAs) from 3M help you make it possible. Find solutions for display systems and optical sensor systems to boost brightness and energy efficiency in TVs, tablets, smartphones, wearable devices and more.

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Extended reality solutions

Design sleek, comfortable, high-performance extended reality devices with groundbreaking optics and resilient bonding. All with extended reality solutions from 3M.


Consumer electronics product categories

  • Used as spacers for shock absorption and air circulation or as anti-slip, vibration-absorbing rubber feet, 3M™ Bumpon™ Protective Products are made from high-quality polyurethane with reliable adhesives that deliver the long-lasting performance you’ve come to expect from 3M.

  • Built on world-class expertise in fluorochemical synthesis, 3M™ Antistatic Additives help reduce electrostatic discharge, repel dust particles and enhance assembly efficiency.

  • Design next-generation devices with innovative tape solutions and global technical expertise. Electronics tapes from 3M can help bond small, complex and hard-to-bond surfaces with ease.

  • Boost signal-to-noise ratios with no electrical system redesign required. Our conductive adhesives provide powerful EMI shielding and grounding with reliable electrical contact for small grounding areas.

  • EMI management is the backbone of effective device design. 3M™ EMI Absorbers incorporate high-magnetic-permeability composites to help dampen noise and enhance signal integrity.

  • Expand design freedom, reduce assembly time and increase durability with our fast-bonding, high-strength structural adhesive solutions for consumer electronics devices.

  • Cool high-intensity LEDs. Bond heat sinks and spreaders. Thermally conductive tapes from 3M provide a preferential heat-transfer path to help keep sensitive components cool.

Why choose consumer electronics solutions from 3M

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    Broad spectrum of solutions
    3M is your one-stop shop, offering electronic adhesives, optical films, chemically resistant coatings and much more.

    • Cross-industry expertise
      State-of-the-art R&D facilities enable collaborative solutions drawn from more than 50 technology platforms. All solutions are supported by a network of 3M engineers with extensive expertise in consumer electronics and other industries.

    • Rapid development cycles
      Our engineers employ finite element analysis to rigorously test and calibrate the material properties of our products across numerous applications. Material data cards are available upon request.

    • Collaboration
      Building on our legacy of bench-to-bench scientific solutions, 3M strives to collaborate directly with design, engineering and manufacturing professionals.​

    • End-to-end coverage
      From initial research to final testing, our experts will work with you to discuss technical specifications, walk through product usage and help find a solution for your specific application needs.​

    • Global coverage and SOS
      3M maintains global sales coverage and source of supply alongside full technical support for high-performance project collaborations, integrated solution-selling concepts and customer-centric innovations. We operate 45 Customer Technical Centers labs worldwide.

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