Woman exploring an underwater experience with an AR/VR headset.
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3M solutions for extended reality technology

Our world is quickly expanding beyond the physical to the virtual, limited only by the extent of our imaginations. Ready to redefine what’s possible? Design extended reality (XR) devices that integrate effortlessly into our lives.

Think nimble, high-performance augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) devices and handhelds that allow us to instantly explore new worlds, collaborate with colleagues and more. Devices that offer stunning optics, excellent wearability and reliability for everyday use.

3M helps make it possible. You make it happen. From device bonding solutions to EMI mitigation materials and multilayer optical film technology, we’re here with a broad range of product solutions to help you achieve your boldest design vision.

Exploded view of ar/vr headset components
Comprehensive solutions for AR/VR and mixed reality applications

With 3M, you have a holistic approach to design challenges across AR/VR/mixed reality (MR) devices. Our combined expertise in electronics, optics, adhesives and materials science across more than 50 technology platforms can help you optimize different aspects of your device. Join hard-to-bond surfaces in headsets, minimize EMI in bond line gaps, enable true-to-life visuals in optical lenses, and much more.

  • image of AR/VR headset with a graphic showing thinness of headset
    Streamlined headsets

    Unleash thinner, smaller and more comfortable headsets with folded optics enabled by 3M™ Optical Solutions.

  • View of AR/VR headset with internal components highlighted.
    More design flexibility

    Design for impact resistance, chemical resistance and more — even with curved and hard-to-bond surfaces — for maximum design freedom with 3M™ Electronics Bonding Solutions.

  • View inside AR/VR headset circuit board with EMI management materials highlighted
    Improved device performance

    Boost signal integrity in challenging condensed device designs, even in small contact areas, with 3M™ EMI Materials.

  • Exploded view of VR/AR headset's lenses and optics.
    Next-level optics

    Deliver high-resolution images and a wider field of view for true immersion. Improve contrast and clarity, and resolve images from the latest MicroLED or MicroOLED displays. All with folded optics enabled by 3M™ Optical Solutions.


Explore extended reality solutions

  • Design XR devices with optimal EMI performance.

  • Design XR devices for impact resistance, chemical resistance and more.

  • Reduce headset size and deliver amazing visuals.

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