A graphical representation of how augmented reality/virtual reality lenses interact with the human eye.

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Finally, an immersive virtual reality experience with a lightweight, thin design. It’s possible with 3M’s new ARVR solutions.

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Whether for business or pleasure, augmented reality and virtual reality (ARVR) offer new and exciting ways to deliver content for the viewer. The 360-degree experience allows content to be viewed from a range of angles, opening new horizons for content. 3M’s new optical technology offers an immersive experience with a wide field of view in a thinner and lighter-weight headsets, enabling a host of expanded design options.

Learn more about folded optics from our expert, Timothy Wong

  • Image of Timothy Wong holding up a large lens.

    3M folded optics

    Birefringent reflective polarizers are used to produce compact, mid field-of-view (FOV) eyepieces and wide FOV optics for VR head-mounted displays using folded optics in the lens configuration. Multiple configurations for folded optics lens systems may be optimized, with advantages and disadvantages relative to refractive systems. Polarization control is an important consideration and the polarizing effects of different components are discussed. Designs for mid and wide FOV with additional benefits of using folded optics for virtual reality systems are explored in the below paper.

  • Woman using the Pegatron VX6 VR headset

    3M transforms virtual reality into reality

    By updating centuries-old technology, a small team of 3M scientists has sparked a revolution in virtual-reality headsets.

    In the early 2010s, a handful of 3M scientists were given an open-ended mission: apply the company's extraordinary array of technologies to a big, emerging opportunity. "3M likes to discover opportunities that are technically very challenging, that require large-scale manufacturing and where being early creates a strong competitive advantage," explained Erin McDowell, AR VR Business Development Senior Manager. "That's what we were looking for."

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