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a person holding a tablet while tapping the screen of a smart phone which rests on a laptop.
Electronics bonding capabilities for today and tomorrow

Find the right tape or liquid adhesive for specific electronics bonding needs.


Consumer electronics bonding capabilities for device applications

The next big idea in consumer electronics is right around the corner — find which 3M electronics bonding solution can help you round it. From flexible and foldable OLED display bonding to enclosure and FPC bonding, our wide range of tapes and liquid adhesives are ideal for many challenging device bonding applications. More design and performance opportunities are out there — let 3M help get you there.

Learn more about 3M electronics bonding

Find what you need for smartphones, tablets, notebooks and more

A device should hold strong from the inside out. We offer a wide variety of electronics bonding tapes and liquid adhesives for both internal and external components so you can address multiple design challenges without sacrificing durability.

An exploded view of a smartphone where 3M electronics bonding solutions can be applied.

3M electronics bonding capabilities include:

Antenna bonding | Back cover bonding | Battery bonding | Camera lens bonding | Component bonding | Cover glass bonding | Display bonding | FPC bonding | Gasket bonding | Home button bonding

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Layers of innovation. One solution at a time.

Tapes and liquid adhesives from 3M help address multiple design challenges across a range of consumer electronics device applications. Explore our bonding capabilities for enclosures, displays, FPCs and camera lenses.


Enclosure bonding

  • Person touching a smartphone screen that used 3M's electronics enclosure bonding solutions.

    Cover glass bonding requires exceptionally secure bonding to help prevent accidental glass damage. We’re able to offer both tapes and liquid adhesives based on your enclosure bonding needs. Bonding solutions from 3M offer secure bonding for edge-to-edge devices with minimal bonding surfaces and can help protect glass with excellent energy absorption. We also offer solutions that are designed to be resistant to water or other common liquids, so daily use takes less of a toll on your device.

    Back covers are tasked with both showcasing crucial design elements and protecting internal components. With 3M, you have a range of high-strength tapes that are designed to address different obstacles. Choose from solutions ideal for resistance to impact, water or common chemicals, as well as tapes with exceptional reworkability, so you can handle potential repairs with less waste. Solutions from 3M also include formulations for curved surfaces, so you don’t have to sacrifice cutting-edge designs for more protection.

    Design challenges: Impact resistance | Chemical resistance | Water resistance | Reworkability | Curved surfaces

Display bonding

  • A curved smartphone screen example that show's 3M electronics display bonding capabilities.

    As LCD and OLED screens become more innovative, so do the bonding solutions that hold them together. Ultra-thin display panel bonding tapes from 3M can help navigate foldable and curved devices, so next-generation devices can be part of your plans. We offer tape solutions with excellent levels of anti-lifting, oxidation resistance, conformability and cleanliness, so you can have visual appeal and durability. Solutions can also address resistance to environmental conditions, helping with device reliability.

    Design challenges: Impact resistance | Chemical resistance | Water resistance | Curved and foldable surfaces

FPC bonding

  • Person holding a smartphone where 3M's FPC bonding for consumer electronics can be used.

    A strong flexible printed circuit (FPC) bond is crucial to the reliability and durability of key device conductors. FPC bonding tapes from 3M hold firm while tacking a variety of different design challenges. Our range of bonding solutions can help FPC substrates adhere to curved surfaces, hard-to-bond surfaces like glass and plastic, or resist heat where you need it most. We also offer solutions that are designed to resist water or common chemicals, providing extra protection.

    Design challenges: Heat resistance | Curved and foldable surfaces | Hard-to-bond surfaces

Camera lens bonding

  • A person holding a smartphone up to show the camera, where 3M electronics camera lens bonding can be applied.

    Cameras are becoming more and more present in consumer electronics devices. They are a critical feature to users. Device cameras are constantly evolving in technology and sophistication, driving demand for innovative bonding solutions. Tapes and liquid adhesives from 3M are ready to help protect intricate camera components from the effects of daily use such as drops and spills. In addition to solutions with high tensile impact resistance, we offer solutions that are designed to be resistant to water or common chemicals like sweat, sunscreen, cleaners, skin oils and perfumes. We also provide solutions optimized for bonding to curved and foldable applications, so you can pursue designs with less barriers.

    Design challenges: Water resistance | Curved and foldable surfaces | Chemical resistance | Impact resistance


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