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Collision Repair Materials Planner
Measure. Document. Capture.

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    Introducing the 3M™ Collision Repair Materials Planner, CRiMP. Modern body repair is more complex than ever, requiring you to use more materials like seam sealers, structural adhesives, sound deadening and corrosion protection during the repair process.
    But because you buy these supplies in bulk and use them in several repairs, it’s difficult to document how much you use in each repair. That makes it difficult for you to be properly reimbursed. You end up dealing with the hassle and expense of supplements — or eating the cost of the materials, both of which cut into your bottom line.

  • Better planning for better profitability.

    With the 3M™ Collision Repair Materials Planner (CRiMP), you can get reimbursed for 3M repair materials, even if it’s not a square unit. CRiMP is a free digital tool that helps shops create a material plan specific to a job. It then generates a comprehensive invoice that itemizes each required product and details the amount used. Not only does this help the shop get paid for the materials it uses, it also helps insurance companies document the materials required for a safe and responsible repair. Even better, if used during repair planning CRiMP reduces the need for supplements later, saving both the shop and the insurance company the time, money and hassle involved with extra paperwork. Note: CRiMP is currently only available in the United States.

  • Body Repair Materials:

    Get reimbursed for non-refinish materials that stay on the car like these products and more.

  • Bonding and Structural Adhesives
    Bonding and Structural Adhesives
  • Seam Sealers
    Seam Sealers
  • Sound Deadening
    Sound Deadening
  • Underbody Coatings
    Underbody Coatings
  • Chip Guard
    Chip Guard
  • Corrosion Protection
    Corrosion Protection

How CRiMP works.

CRiMP generates a material plan estimate using material calculators programmed for industry best practices and OEM recommendations. CRiMP estimates are:

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    Efficiently creates accurate material invoices for each individual repair order
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    Get fair and balanced reimbursement for required body repair materials
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    Get consistent, replicable results with calculators based on simple measurements and 3M directions for use
  • It’s easy to start using CRiMP with 3M training and support.

    3M is ready to provide hands-on training so your shop can get up to speed quickly. CRiMP also comes with a user-friendly online training module that walks you through it step by step. Whether online or in person, we’ll make the transition smooth so you can start maximizing your profits with minimal pain.