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A technician stands at a cabinet and scans a bin with a scanner.

Integrated Inventory Management from 3M™

Introducing a storage cabinet designed to simplify order planning, streamline deliveries, and improve inventory turns.


Optimize and automate daily processes with 3M™ RepairStack™​

Help increase performance and productivity at your body shop with our innovative hardware storage cabinet. Part of the new and advanced 3M™ RepairStack™ Performance Solutions, this fully integrated and electronically secure inventory eliminates manual stock management and keeps your body shop more organized.

The total solution is powered by our proprietary software system that streamlines blueprinting and billing, helps monitor all-important KPIs, and offers real-time opportunities for business improvement.

One storage cabinet. Multiple operational advantages​.

  • The 3M™ RepairStack™ cabinet is shown partially opened next to a damaged vehicle.
    Inventory Tracking

    Featuring advanced inventory management software, the 3M™ RepairStack™ solution accurately tracks the usage of both 3M and non-3M materials by repair order, technician, vehicle, and more.

  • A technician scans inventory inside of a cabinet. A damaged vehicle is shown next to the cabinet.
    Automatic Ordering

    The inventory solution allows you set and seamlessly order materials from your distributors based on minimum and maximum product levels, improving inventory turns while reducing waste and special orders.

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    Fully Customizable Solution​

    Available separately or as a total hardware and software system, 3M™ RepairStack™ offers multiple customization options to help you easily incorporate it into your existing processes and management systems.

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Look behind closed doors and see 3M™ RepairStack™ in detail

Discover how the advanced, fully integrated hardware and software system can help you automate your day-to-day body shop operations and give you more time to focus on the future of your collision repair business.

  • The 3M™ RepairStack™ cabinet is shown with both doors open and bins filled with products.

Robust construction

Heavy-duty design made to withstand intense daily usage.

Louvered panels and doors

Designed for extra convenience and storage.

High storage capability

Multiple-sized product bins can hold up to 100 different SKUs.

Automatic re-ordering

Materials are automatically re-ordered based on your min/max product levels.

Material tracking

Track usage of all materials and filter reports by job, technician, department, and more.

Organized body shop

Convenient and spacious, the cabinet can house both 3M and non-3M materials.

Works outside the cabinet

Scan and track usage of products that won’t fit in the cabinet with QR codes.

Parts and accessories

The cabinet comes equipped with an Apple® iPod® Touch scanner and all necessary accessories.

Get more information from the industry experts

Wondering if 3M™ RepairStack™ Performance Solutions is the right system for your business? Reach out to our dedicated customer service and let’s talk shop. We look forward to working with you.

Dedicated customer service from installation to application

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    End-to-end Installation Support

    We’re here to make your life easier. That’s why our dedicated team takes care of everything from shipping to installation and setup for a smooth and hassle-free experience.

  • Our customer support will help you take full advantage of 3M™ RepairStack™ Performance Solutions through multiple in-depth online and offline instructions and trainings.

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