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3M™ RepairStack™ Performance Solutions

Introducing a total solution to help maximize your body shop’s profitability, performance, and efficiency.


Help advance your collision repair business with 3M™ RepairStack™

Unlock more opportunities for profit with our advanced hardware and software system – 3M™ RepairStack™. This integrated and automated solution offers universal inventory management, streamlined blueprinting and billing, and real-time business performance analysis.

Multiple customization options will help you easily incorporate 3M™ RepairStack™ into your existing body shop processes and management systems. Take your business to the next level with 3M, established leaders in the collision repair market, and learn more today.

Engineered with body shop profitability in mind​

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    Universal Inventory Management

    Accurately track and organize all your 3M and non-3M materials, automate re-ordering from your preferred distributors, and help improve efficiency by eliminating manual inventory management.

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    Integrated Invoicing

    Our two-way integrated software helps capture precise inventory usage by repair order, technician, and vehicle, and streamline blueprinting and billing for material costs you never knew were recoverable.

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    Real-time Performance Analysis​

    Keep close record of your business performance to be on track for success. Our advanced Performance Analysis Tool monitors all-important KPIs and offers real-time opportunities for operational improvement.

Automate your day-to-day body shop processes

The innovative 3M™ RepairStack™ Performance Solutions—a combined hardware and software inventory management platform—has been designed to help optimize and automate your day-to-day body shop processes so you can focus on the future of your business.

Take advantage of the many benefits of the new system, including integrated invoicing, simplified order planning and delivery, performance analysis, and more.

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    Precise material usage report
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    2-way integration with body shop management system
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    End-to-end installation
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    On-demand training and tutorials
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    Automatic re-orders
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    Optimized inventory management
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    Actionable & real-time business insights
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    Maximized product margins

Hear from our customers

  • (SPEECH) [MUSIC PLAYING] (DESCRIPTION) A man stands in a warehouse next to a tall cabinet with the 3M logo. He stands in front of rows of bins with labels on them and filled with products, App,3M Repair Stack Adan Ibarra, Owner, Leading Edge Collision (SPEECH) Ownership was always a dream of mine. I started in a shop pushing a broom. I don't come from a family with body-shop background. So it's always been a dream. So I kept working and working until eventually I got it. Now it's what I'm going to do from here-- next goals. There's a lot of challenges with owning a business that as a technician or as a manager you really don't see. So I'm still trying to understand and learn the business side of it. The main reason for implementing Repair Stack was to become profitable with my paint material. And that happened right away. It's cut my bill in half. I don't have to call the paint store anymore. Once we scan in and out material, we have min-maxes So once it gets to the min it automatically sends an alert to the paint company, and they come and replenish the cabinet. So I'm not a shop owner, but I always highly recommended Repair Stack because I see the benefits that Repair Stack offers. And not only that, it's definitely needed in our industry. For many years, inventory has been the biggest leakage in the shop. And if you don't have control of it, it can really cause a hurting to your profitability. I get really good feedback from most of the technicians because the product placement is a big key factor. Where in the past technicians are chasing materials, well, with Repair Stack, it allows you to have a centralized location of all these supplies so they're not digging and rummaging through a bunch of cabinets. The supplies will always be in the same location day in and day out. And at the same time, it allows the distributor to grow that relationship on the actual catalog side. We're not ordering 10 different supplies from five different manufacturers. It's all streamlined to one manufacturer. Not only is it inventory management, but now you're able to measure your business and measure each one of the technicians, even the estimators. When you're writing an estimate, you can create a template of what a rear body panel is going to need-- your cavity wax, seam sealer, panel bonds. You can create a template which makes it a lot easier for the estimator to present that to the insurance company to let them know and show them what the cost is for putting that panel on. It's not just seam sealer and that's it. It allows you to actually have a grip of your inventory from the time that the product has been purchased all the way to the product being used by the technician. It actually allows you to itemize these repairs and get a list of what's being used on these particular vehicles. Tasco and 3M work together to see what materials I use and what we would need to kind of fill the cabinets. So all that was getting worked on the back end. I didn't really have to do anything. Once the shop makes the decision to get Repair Stack, it's within 30 days we have a good idea of what the customer has been using. The installation process is roughly two days. And the distributor and the 3M representative are highly involved in the installation part. You have to adapt to change. This is something that would help you in so many different ways. It's not just about inventory management. It's about coaching. It's about learning your business, learning how to measure your business. 3M they see body shops all over the nation or world. And to have that type of support to be able to help you analyze the business or just look from outside and give you different insights, it's huge, especially for somebody like me that doesn't come from business and just comes from the shop. [MUSIC PLAYING] (DESCRIPTION) A man stands in front of labeled bins filled with products and looks at his phone. Some bins are filled with tiles, rolls of yellow tape, App, 3M Repair Stack with Username, Password and Login button. Logo, 3M, Science Applied to Life

    Man using repair stack in front of storage bins
    Leading Edge Collision


  • (SPEECH) [MELLOW ROCK MUSIC] (DESCRIPTION) Text, this video depicts the work practices and procedures of a particular workplace, and may not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of 3M. A person uses the 3M Repair Stack app. (SPEECH) My name is Brian Martin, the director of Auto Collision for Lexus at Pembroke Pines, as well as Lexus North Miami. I've been with the company now, 17 years. Our business model is simple. It is to repair cars back to pre-loss condition, based on the manufacturer's standards. We do a lot of research. We research procedures. We want to know what materials are proper to be used, to return those cars back to pre-loss condition. We implemented 3M RepairStack two years ago. And it's been a game-changer for us. There were several reasons that we implemented 3M RepairStack. The largest one was inventory management. At either given time, our locations have about $20,000 of inventory. It's very important we know exactly what we have, how fast we're using it, and what the exact cost is at any given time. We also want to look at ordering. 3M RepairStack has been a game-changer when it comes to ordering. We no longer sit in front of fax machines, faxing the distributor, waiting to see if they got it, making sure order is accurate. No longer have to sit and issue purchase orders all day, that we used to do. Now we order once a week. And that once a week, it is done electronically, based upon the items that were scanned out of the RepairStack cabinets. 3M's RepairStack has added a lot of value to our shop. It is knowing, as a director, I know exactly what I have, exactly what we're using, what we need to move forward to next month, and allows a very simple management of a very hard account to properly manage, of dry goods. Paint material dry goods is not always about percentages on paper. The largest improvement that we've seen is simple. It's profitability, and it's cost savings. We are now getting paid for what we use. We understand what we use, and who's using it. So if we're building an insurance company, we know exactly the product, by product number, and how much that we need to charge for that product. Morale has gone up immensely because we now have the products that we need to complete the jobs properly. We're no longer running out of inventory. Our distributors really endorse RepairStack. It actually makes their life a lot easier, also. The distributor understands exactly what we order each week, and allows them to have enough stock in their warehouses. When we implemented RepairStack, the first thing we did was we got with the technicians, and advised them that their usage of what products we had would be monitored. And the technicians now all embrace it. In fact, they want to see how they're comparing to their peers, and in the shop, and how much they're using, and what their results are. By allowing us to monitor what they're using, not only control their usage, our cost of dry goods has gone down by 50%. The best part about it is, we can go and make sure that we're billing appropriately for it. The implementation of 3M RepairStack process was very easy. 3M brought in a team. They laid out the cabinets for us. They did the barcodes for us, and advised us who can do this process and how it works. Additionally, they're always available online, should we have any concerns. Their help desk is phenomenal, helping us navigate through any reports that we have questions with. If I was speaking to another body shop manager regards to 3M's RepairStack, I would really want to have them look at all aspects, and not just measure percentages. Look at your time savings when you're ordering. Look at the reduction of your accounting staff processing purchase orders. Take a look at the quality of products that aren't failing during the repair. But also, take a peek at your reports. What is your dead stock report? What is the total shop profit that you're making, versus just paint material profit? The 3M reps are great guys. They're very knowledgeable. They understand their products. Our team trust them. Our team understands who they are. And they stand behind the products they use. And they have built great relationships with them. We only use 3M products at our facilities. [MUSIC PLAYING] (DESCRIPTION) A person stands in front of supply cabinets and scans various product barcodes with the 3M repair stack app. Closeups of product rows and their barcode displays. The 3M Repair Stack app screen. Text, 3M. Science, applied to life.

    view of storage bins with repair stack tags
    Miami Auto Collision


“3M™ RepairStack™ has provided me to track materials much more efficiently. Ordering has improved, and we now stay on top of back ordered items.”
Body Shop Owner
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End-to-end customer support

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    Dedicated customer service from installation to application

    Get the support you need and take full advantage of the advanced 3M™ RepairStack™ Performance Solutions. Our dedicated industry experts are here to help and guide you throughout the entire process, providing everything from on-site installation to online and offline instructions and training.

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