Wet reflective pavement markings

In nighttime wet and rainy conditions, non-wet reflective pavement markings disappear, leading to reduced driver visibility. While only 25% of travel in the U.S. occurs at night, in 2017 we saw 55% of the 9,952 deadly crashes occurring at night or in low-light conditions taking 3,811 lives.

Reliable wet reflectivity when drivers need it most

Help drivers get home safely in both day and nighttime, and during rainy conditions with continuous wet reflective pavement markings.

  • A photo of a man speaking about wet retroreflective pavement markings.
    Watch: Georgia Department of Transportation

    Learn how GADOT improve safety for motorists by using wet retroreflective pavement markings to help reduce crashes during nighttime rainy conditions.

  • A graphic of a blue car in the rain at night, with its headlights illuminating the road markings ahead.
    Watch: the science of wet reflective optics
    See the science behind how road markings with 2.4 index beads perform in wet conditions compared to standard glass beads.
  • A busy eight-lane highway at dusk has easily viewable pavement markings.
    Download the study on 3M wet reflective performance

    The study demonstrates the durability of the retroreflectivity of 3M’s Connected Roads All-Weather Elements. Helping to provide increased visibility and safety to human drivers and automotive cameras.

Wet reflective pavement markings e-book

Discover how wet reflective pavement markings make a difference for drivers.

  • A driver’s point of view of the road in the dark and the rain, as the pavement markings are illuminated and easy to see.

    Most pavement markings are easy to see in sunny daytime weather. But nighttime driving is inherently more dangerous, with a higher risk of getting into a crash. Add rain to the nighttime driving, and non-wet reflective pavement markings simply will not provide the level of safety your drivers deserve.

    Download our e-book about wet reflectivity to learn why wet reflective pavement markings matter. You’ll have access to information on third-party research suggesting that wet reflective pavement markings reduce crashes, statistics on fatal and weather-related crashes, and insight into how Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs) benefit from wet reflective markings.

    Help your drivers, whether they are humans or machines, stay in their lane during the day and during the stormy, dark night.

Featured wet reflective pavement marking products

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  • Our All Weather Elements are engineered with unique microcrystalline optics technology to deliver superior brightness, color and all-weather performance*- and developed to sustain stable performance over the years- all at an acceptable cost.

    • Combines continuous wet and long-lasting dry retroreflectivity
    • Compatible with most liquid pavement marking binders
    • For new or maintenance marking applications
    • Installs with double-drop systems
    • *Compared to previous generation of 3M™ All Weather Elements and several other commercially-available pavement marking optics.

    3M™ Connected Roads All Weather Elements

  • Help improve safety with our advanced pavement marking tape. Its durable, all-weather performance help deliver visibility day, night and during rain. Our 2.4 index optics provide continuous retroreflectivity.

    • High profile diamond pattern with microcrystalline ceramic beads ensure maximum retro reflectivity in rainy conditions
    • Tougher, brighter, longer lasting than paint products
    • Easy application with pre-formed tape

    3M™ Stamark™ High Performance Pavement Marking Tape Series 380AW

  • Help improve work zone safety by marking temporary work zone lanes with removable, highly reflective, all-weather pavement markings

    • Highly reflective in wet or dry conditions with a raised pattern profile
    • Pressure sensitive adhesive eliminates the need for surface preparation adhesive
    • Superior adhesion and conformability

    3M™ Stamark™ Removable Pavement Marking Tape 710 Series

  • Improve work zone safety by marking temporary work zone lanes with a highly reflective, all-weather pavement markings that has been upgraded for easy application and removal to reduce scarring.

    • Ideal for longer duration projects
    • Higher internal strength for more intact removal; reduces the need for grinding
    • Exceptional durability—3M premium all weather optics ensure long-lasting durability.

    3M™ Stamark™ Wet Retroreflective Removable Tape Series 710IR

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