Roll closing for paper manufacturing

  • For roll closing and tabbing at the re-reeler, off-machine coater, supercalender, or winder, you need a repulpable tape with the high tack and holding power to help prevent opening during shipping and storage. High strength and immediate adhesion means that the tape holds firmly to provide reliable roll closing at maximum change speed—and keeps paper neatly positioned to reduce waste. A strong extensible backing helps prevent the roll from breaking on transport, or on automatic roll handling equipment.

    • 3M repulpable tapes pass TAPPI method UM-213, so there’s no need to separate tape from waste, which saves you labor
    • Tapes available in blue, white and kraft colors, which allows for color matching to paper
    • FDA compliant 21 CFR 176.170 and/or 21 CFR 176.180 so the tape can be used on most food grade papers

Products for roll closing

  • Thin, repulpable web processing tape for core starting, tabbing, and roll closing, available in blue, white, kraft, and red. Non-printable backing contains a thin silicon release coating to eliminate the need for a liner.

  • Super-strong kraft backing, coated with a high-tack, transparent, repulpable adhesive. for core starting, tabbing, and roll closing, available in blue, white and kraft backings.

  • Super strong backing for roll closing, core starting, and tabbing. High tack transparent adhesive on high strength extensible bleached kraft backing. Available in blue, white, and red.