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About paper manufacturing

  • In dozens of ways throughout a paper mill, 3M tapes, wear components, and filtration products contribute to the high-speed productivity that modern papermaking requires. We help your people quickly and efficiently execute tasks such as starting cores and splicing webs. And 3M wear components and filtration systems help your machinery withstand abrasive materials leading to improved uptime and less maintenance.

Paper manufacturing applications

  • Keep your off-machine coaters running and productive with reliable 3M™ Flying Splice Tapes.

  • Achieve efficient and consistent splices for a wide range of paper grades.

  • For making temporary or permanent splices on a wide range of paper grades, or for going through nips that won’t pass thick stacks of paper.

  • Reliable splices with high strength adhesive.

  • Input roll splices must stick to all varieties and grades of paper.

  • Make high performance splices that hold securely on many grades of brown paper and paperboard.

  • Use 3M high-tack, repulpable tapes to hold paper securely to the core.

  • Strips of high strength, repulpable tape on the trailing edge of the paper keep rolls closed during shipping and storage.

  • 3M printable repulpable tapes can be used for reliable patching that holds through coaters and supercalenders.

  • 3M silicon nitride materials and components help production equipment perform in extreme environments.

  • Filtration helps prevent water contaminates from clogging spray nozzles and causing production downtime.

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