Paper Manufacturing Applications

Paper Manufacturing Applications

  • Flying splices on the off-machine coater

    Keep your off-machine coaters running and productive with reliable 3M™ Flying Splice Tapes.

  • Flying splices on the supercalender

    Achieve efficient and consistent splices for a wide range of paper grades.

  • Butt splices

    For making temporary or permanent splices on thick papers, or for going through nips that won’t pass thick stacks of paper.

  • Overlap splices

    Reliable splices with the high shear strength to hold in just about any situation.

  • Input roll splices on sheeters

    Input roll splices must stick to all varieties and grades of paper, including recycled paper stock.

  • Splicing corrugates

    Make high performance splices that hold securely on many grades of brown paper and paperboard.

  • Core starting

    Use 3M high-tack, repulpable coated tapes to hold paper securely to the core and help prevent slipping and spinning.

  • Roll closing

    Strips of high strength tape on the trailing edge of the paper keep rolls closed during shipping and storage.

  • Hole patching at the re-reeler

    3M printable splicing tapes can be used for reliable patching that holds through coaters and supercalenders.

  • Wear resistance

    3M silicon nitride materials and components help production equipment perform in extreme environments.

  • Water filtration for equipment protection

    Filtration helps prevent water contaminants from clogging spray nozzles and causing production downtime.

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